Hello Blog!!!

ahh..akan datang!!...tora-tora datang lagi, test pic dlu ye..

Quick update

hm...as the title describe hehe..
-no longer a mechanic..back 2 my all time favourite job..rubber tapping..
-lost my hp recently..all friends n family no missing...sob..sob...
-last but not least...still enjoying my life..hahah...

YaY..balik2 juga comeback ne.. :) anyway.. i got better internet service now.. thanks to digi broadband ..

 hidup digi !!! hehe..

for rm 100, i can go online for 100 days .. prepaid lagi..no reload no internet, good bargain huh?

btw.. erm..the broadband line is still not stable here..still putus2. but better than few years back lah.. syukur la kan daripada takda langsung dapat juga la berface book and check the LIGS rubber price hehe..and also blogging untuk friends and family yg berada nun jauh di sebelah rumah ja..

anyway..thts all for this hour la..update will be coming shortly after i finish my 'sandar kelapa' heh..
peace babeh!!


hmm...(look around) kinda smelly here..berapa lama suda ne xda org..

take 5

rest dulu la from blogging, no new material to blog...hehe

ya..as im browsing google images for some classics car (not porn ya,masi siang ne hehe), i stumble upon one pic in particular which bring back memories hhehe...

1980's Datsun Pulsar 1.4cc

my first car !! hheh...,it rewind my memories back in 1996, i was 18 then, and i just got my driving licence, and just starting earning my own income,well, boys would be boys, first thing i wanna buy is a car...(and its red,with bulky sport rims and roaring sound system)

and i still remember how crazy i've become, got own car,lots of friends,load of money,nothing to worry still..we drove around peninsular like the world is ours hheh..but thts all just good ol memories la..cars back then were just toys to me, nowdays i cant do tht anymore...well as i grew up...

too bad, back then theres no camera phone, even digital camera still pricey we only have the conventional film camera which is long gone by now hehhe together with the pictures...

so what do u do when u got ur 1st car?

Sa menari-nari suda semalam coz its been raining...but sadly, i cant use the rain I've collected coz it turn out to be so murky aiyah...well, wat to do, i know its from haze in the air, but nvm, as long as its raining, good for my rubber trees hheh..

emm..i think its too early to blog today, hopefully it'll be raining again later, i need to climb the tower first to check out my surrounding... yeah..morning exercise (10 storey building to be equivalent err..1ooft? )

bah..i go climb now, see ya, if i didnt fall down and die immediately..but if so, then tell Laura i love her so...(hhehhe)

its raining!!

hahhah...thanks god, well,its not cats and dogs rain but at least its raining....


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