To you all...hhehhe...its been a while since i visited my own blog hheh let alone other ppl blogs.. but anyway im still kicking sound and safe here..err..still alive lah..

hope everyone (those who still remember me lah) in good condition hheh.. last but not least once again selamat hari raya aidilfitri 2008 maaf zahir batin..

incase ya all forgot my happy face hehrhehrh...

back !!

Hhehh...i know what u thinking ... yes its been a while..but what to do..kampung-man got to do what a kampung-man got to do...

eh...i smell something rotten lah...i hope its not my blog la hhaha...

but not too fast...u know i never like to post from still waiting for WIMAX hhah..sampai mati la ni tunggu..

but im okay here..not yet becoming super rich ... okay la year i'll post something new for ur pleasure hhwhhwh

Happy Kaamatan !!! sober this ..dun think diffrently hheh...

but still no update this is quick one .. hpefully everyone ok .. me?? still breathing lah..cant say im will do :P

alaa..this is Kaamatan month la...'tadau poginuman err..tagayo do kaaamatan' org one quick invitation to our kg 'kaamatan celebration' everyone invited...

Venue : Kg Logkou Baru, Telipok (pandai² la cari hhahhha)
Date : 1st June 08
Time : anytime

so anyone intrested can call Massy kah ah kah..dun call me :P

k la fella...gtg...harap² ada urg datang la ni..klu teda sa moginum sorang² ja la hehhe...(and save all the foods hhehh)

Vote 4 me !!

Hhehh....undi la klu x malu .. klu menang sa bagi sikarap ja la :P

but place for voting is not here...sana peninsular hhahh...i forgot to update my record with ... SPR hheh... so dont bother talking about the election wit me coz i'll be busying rubber tapping hhahha..

ala...rainy day lah ntah la bila mo abis ni...anyway hope all of you go voting (crosss me hhah)

k pi kempen kedai kopi luk .. :P

i've been very bz lately...i dun have time to go time to go to work oso hheh..all due to the rain .. yes! the deym mr Rain :P

but anyway..i do sneak into cc from time to time to practice my numb finger blog losing its touch oredi..yay..

bt nevermind..whats gooing down must come up .. err..betul ka tue? heh..who cares..

just that..lets not forget to VOTE! ya..i'll be very bz on this coming election .. bcos im YB Kampung-Man remember?? hhahha....VOTE PEMUTUNGAN!!! ceh..crap lah.. kg got 3G maybe next month i'll be here blogging for good ! (yes thanks god answer my pray hheh)

so thats all folks..its deym cloudy oredi and i have to get back quickly or else i'll have to walk still driving the Malaysian tin-can lah :P see u soon :P

harroww.. i am again muhahha...lowering my self dignity by blogging from cc .. (i've checked this pc spec and its pentium 2 334 Mhz .. 128Mb of memory..and i almost wonder i feel depressed using this cc punya pc)

but anyway..thanks dear friend for all the wishes .. and for ur fine here guntut oso fine tho he is sufering from skin desease rite now (kagalon) wakkak... and thnaks for visitig my blog even tho the person who suppose to manage this blog is nowhere to be found (until now!)

eh.. end of january oredi ka?? hhah..telampau lama x turun pi bandar :P so i'll continiue blog on february lah hhahha...

and oso i kenot reply all the msg but i justwan u all 2 know tht im reading em! just that i kenot bear my sad feeling of using this pc thts why im unable to reply those msg :P

arg..i beeter get out of this cc before im turning la.. but this pc bery slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww...i cant stand slow pc !! its killing me!!

well..we see again next month lah (hhahhhah) ....

p/s mind my language or spelleeng pls i havent type anything in english for a finger ar all numb !


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