Sa menari-nari suda semalam coz its been raining...but sadly, i cant use the rain I've collected coz it turn out to be so murky aiyah...well, wat to do, i know its from haze in the air, but nvm, as long as its raining, good for my rubber trees hheh..

emm..i think its too early to blog today, hopefully it'll be raining again later, i need to climb the tower first to check out my surrounding... yeah..morning exercise (10 storey building to be equivalent err..1ooft? )

bah..i go climb now, see ya, if i didnt fall down and die immediately..but if so, then tell Laura i love her so...(hhehhe)


  1. maslight said...
    I'm afraid of heights. Btw, who is Laura lulz XD
    Zainijimmy said...
    heights are our playground we r hill ppl mah hhahh...Laura? err,nobody its a song lah mas..

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