although its pain to do some editing right now, but i manage to change my skin [blog skin lah, not my skin] so here we it from some freeware site hehe...and do some editing in it...[i cant stand looking at the classic template, thts why i force myself to change it]

earghh..and i lost my cbox im using one from indonesian [] developer...yeah..ini pun ok juga la..

so, hows everybody doing...ready to throw some spenders on night before nu year hehehe....

i remember back then when i was still a young handsome person [hehe], we used to go to kiulu river for 'buang sial' tapi instead of buang sial, buat sial adalah haha...with all the night party, chicks, alcohol,cigar err..u name it...i cant really hold my temptation to make more 'sial' heheeh

and the worst thing is, i forgot to go swimming during 12.00am-new year [for 'buang sial' purpose] on account of too much partying, and u know what lah ...

but now i realized that,go swimming at sharp 12.00 o'clock during new year night got nothing to do wit 'buang sial', and i think that it's ridiculous to have this 'buang sial' kindda ritual...its pointless anyway...ppl used that reason for fun only..there's no such thing is 'buang sial' kalau 'buat sial' adalah ehhe

so folks, dont go 'buat sial' this new year's night, having fun a lil bit is ok wit me...just be carefull

ayo yo...

sigh...i mess up with my template..wanna change look la konon tue..but as anyone knows that this is not a good time to use the internet since the earthquake strike the poor cable..

during costumizing my skin..suddenly connection drop like i have to revert with these classic template [yeah hehe..go on laugh at me :P my faults anyway]

now im posting with my celcom 3g akaka...luckly i have my contingency plans ahead...but the charge killing me not gonna post nything long haha...i hav rm 5 on my credits...dunno how much it is now maybe -rm5 oredi :P

but to my surprise...celcom 3g performance way beating the streamyx...i wonder how that happen...i'll investigate lah ni...

p/s- My streamyx download speed now is 0.8kbps herg..ridiculous... my celcom?? waw 460.60kbps?? biar betul..but connection very fast indeed...only things is, it drained my credit as fast as its surfing speed :P-see u when the connection ok !!!

welcome 2007

few days to 2007...i guess everybody bz with their schedule on celebrating it, making new year resolution and all that stuff..well ...nothing interesting on my side...hav to work as usual .. no holi holi day haha

nu year resolution u ask?? herg..never hav one even before this, but this year i guess it would be to say good bye to my current company ;P hehe consider new year resolution la tue..and to achive my long time dream to become full time unemployed ahaks...why?? dont askkkk....[biarlah rahsia] ptuihh heheh

so...wish me luck, as i always wish for urs ... [if i do read ur resolution la ss here, but 24 all of em?? why...why...aint it too many for young girls like u ss??]

p/s : during writing these..i was interrupted by some accompany ticket for air asia aiyah..feel like working with airasia pula..ticketing there goes all my idea for writing..all gone to be continued :P

my blog entry getting shorter everyday dont u think?? and no pic getting dumber day by day as well :p [aging factor :P], i've been driving my friend's car for this few days coz my superbike [:p] on duty for someone else [friend loan it, as if it is they own property cess..] well, i didnt drive much since i let go of my old car [sold it], so here i am, complaining about my friend car condition...and to our beloved car maker as well, the protong :P

yes..i been complaining and nagging to my friend about his car condition [ehhe], but dia buat dunno ja, yelah kereta dia kan, so maw cakap apa lagi hehe, suda pinjam banyak komplen pula :P, see the pic?? look nice from outside

[kesatria baja hitam-baja tai ayam lah...]

[huh...interior view..look at the floor mat wah...almost a tonne of dirt ;P]

let see...list of problem with these godforsaken protong wira
  1. wheel alignment [out of order, have to hold the steering all the time, if not melencong tempat lain]
  2. fuel meter, not functioning, well, have to depend on the fuel warning light for re-fueling
  3. power window-hav to assist with hand during operation ceh..bagus pakai manual
  4. head lamp- too dim, even torch light brighter
  5. hi beam- only one lamp functioning, and as it sound hi-beam, this one really 'hi-beam' one, it even torch ppl house roof hehe
  6. lower arm [ball joint] produce sound
  7. No reverse light, nor sensor-how to reverse in dark and at night??
  8. fuel consumption- wah..imagine driving the 2.8L engine,and this one only 1.3L very-very-very hi fuel consumption
well..enuff said that, if i were the owner of this protong wira, i wont drive it anywhere with these condition, yea, not only that it's troublesome, but its very risky and dangerous

so im nagging to my friend ask him to repair all that, well his simple answer was.."alah, kereta ku, bukan keretamu" and i just say "owh..yalah.." and shut my mouth up hahahah

the truth is, i cant stand "bad vehicle","bad driver [ayam driver]" as well as "Bad proton" even though i used to drive protong iswara, but i spent lot of money to keep it in good working no, ppl dont drive proton becoz of patriotism, its because thats the cheapest car we can afford hehe

[my previous antique protong iswara...ekeke..i was always hav this hybrid rims problem, even with this one..-thts spare tyre xctually]

well, thts all folks...i got flu & fever..courtesy of raining season here...gotta get my medication .. the super pills - PANADOL aahaha...

p/s- panadol dont cure u, it only disable ur pain nerve system so that u dont feel the pain, thts y its called pain killer :P - Dr Zaini-

hek hek my previous entry..i said no blog entry until 2007 aite?? hehe no no..nothing interesting happen..just cross my mind to write something...don't go believe what ever i said about not posting anything :P this ever changing mind of mine is not trust able...i myself cant trust it, so...don't be..

well my life statistic for this few days [maybe weeks] was flat hahah...i didn't go anywhere, i don't buy any fancy gadget, i didn't buy any clothes [well, idint buy any clothes at all for years hehe what i wear whether its donor clothes or foc clothes hehehe :P me stingy]

just working-eating-sleeping-surfing routine :P, my dream girl has stop sms-ing shes the only one care to sms me lately, now no more sms from her..herg...i dunno whether her line was terminated due to not registering it or she just quit on me...well, i dont care much bout tht anyhow, dont have luck on any girls maybe...[lets sing everything gonna be oraite...everything gonna be oraite....]

ergh...another 2 month to retirement ehheeh...go go rubber tapper !!! u can make it go go !!!!

wasap!! hehe

no blog entry until 2007 hibernating unless there's anything interesting happen that i can share with u all my friend...

but no worry..keep on updating ur site/blog..coz this kampungan men will always haunt u opss i'll keep reading any se e ya on 20007

well..hehe..i figure out how to get my brain working as check out my new pages about learning dusun language the proper way [not just reading from my godforsaken post eheh...] i've added the link under the education tag or can check it out here

its not properly built yet..but that's good points to start..rather than waiting for my brain to get to work on itself, i've force it to do things heeh...and it works...and i'll keep updating it sooner as im collaborate with my mum [geehe] on doing see, im younger generation so i still need my mum on helping me to brought up this tutorial.

so i hope this little contribution can help the continuously of dusun language [my mother tongue] that seem like fading away from younger generation today, as well as other non-dusunese who is interested in learning the most spoken native language in sabah

so go check it A.S.A.P cheers...

i paid rm44 for 60hrs on my streamyx and xpecting at least 512kbps of speed..3xx kbps is acceptable..2xx kbps is considerable, but 1xx kbps is suck...argh..whatever happen to tmnet?? these few days im using streamyx as if its a 56k dial-up... sometimes i lost my blog header caused by slow connection...[ server might be lagging heh..nvm lets blame streamyx for all the inconvenience caused :P]

and what more...i live nearly 20km away from cyberjaya..where the head office of tmnet situated..ceh dint they put their server there? time i'll set a camp in front of tmnet office to get online :P i bet connection would be as fast as hell...

i wonder if my brain working at its full throttle i'll do some test to check it later la ye...right now i have to go to work...its cloudy here...maybe it'll raining i better run my ass as quick as possible to work hehe...before i get caught by the rain :P

if its raining....argh..nvm...

damn...i thought my brain getting well oredi...back from having my late dinner [alone..yeah im a loner] ordering nasi goreng ikan masin [hehe] with some telur dadar and some milo ais...

ok then cut the quarter to finish my dinner when i notice something very odd and weird on my eating with both spoon on my hand hahahha...[extended laugh] the waitress must gimme the wrong pairs hahah [another extended laugh..with weird sound effect] and shame on eating with it all the way without even notice that its both spoon..not spoon and fork pheiii....

so conclusion still suffering from temporary brain lets take a rest time check ur spoon and fork before eating...sometime they give u the wrong pairs and luckily ppl don't see what happen to me haha..if not then ppl would say im sakai fella eating with both spoon ... kampung man but i do know about eating ethic wakak...

the syndrome

  • ah.. i wonder if my brain getting well oredi..coz lately i was infected with toomalastoowriteanything syndrome :p
  • not busy celebrating Xmas, new year or whatsoever...just that i prefer only reading for this few days and waiting for my brain to be fully im writing this with only 20.5% of my brain capabilities
  • we're getting there my friend...2007 ,hmm...another year pass by, i been thinking for another year...and this is December holiday for my brain year we start thinking again..
  • if its too late..or maybe too soon..i just wanna say merry xmass everybody..happy new year everybody....ahaks...

  • nothing much to blog today..its sunday whee..but hav to work haha...lucky for u all have rest on sunday
  • hav to download some software and games for my the mmc corrupt ceh..and have to re-format it and lost all precious thinggy inside it [thats what happen when the owner gatal tangan ]
  • its hard to find the cracked games and software thou' but i'll push my luck lah ehheeh
  • i miss lil sis will be back on this 24th for her xmas wait another 3 month kui kui...

yess..suffer from boredom...[wake-up early heeh] i found this website from julian's blog hehehe...


  • woke up early..around shift only started at 3.00pm...still too early to wake-up for shift workers like me..
  • last night was suck...i oredi have my dream came through [around 10pm] when this bastard thick face knocking my room like hells [and i forgot to lock the door] and enter my room...i feel like wanna punch him really bad...
  • turns out tht this guy want to buy ticket for air asia...ceh...cant wait until tommorow kah?? i just chase him away with @#$#&% words...[u know what] but before that this guy owe me rm80 [almost 3 month didnt pay] for my car's sound system [he consider buy it from me mah] i ask for that money and took the ticket money to pay his debt hehehe padan muka kao..
  • its bad and mean behaviour, but fella like gonna giv them some lesson about life...say i remember an old internet jokes that says...some people alive just because its illegal to shoot them ... huh !!

so today is 'bonus-day'..hehe.. kaya la sikijap.. so after thinking few days what I'm gonna do with that money [ im saving it but have to spent some amount to satisfy my greed :p] i decide to giv some new look to my old 'horse' hehe...

[before operation ... notice my hybrid rims ? hehe]

[after operation .. shiny rims :P]

khe khe...the old rims was bent actually, and i don't want to risk my life riding on crooked for rm 149 i got new sets of rims hehe.

the towkeh show me the not-so-fit bearing...and i said..'aiyah boss..still can use mah..' and that answer caused me trouble hehe...riding it back home and i just found out that the bearing totally out of was shaky and produce sound [sound of asking money :P] yeps..i guess it caused by the new have to change it for rm 12 ...and the brake linings too...rm 10
total cost = 149+12+10 = RM 171 hehe

im glad that im on bike...wonder if i have a much it would cost pheww..[opss..i forgot..massy dont like bike hehehe....]

it was raining just now...suddenly....inspired from reading flanegan blog [lots of pic there]...i was so amazed with photography...wuhaa...whats happening ah..being struck by lightning i i made a little research on the net to get the basic idea of photography...

and then after few minute of reading...i take out my precious Pentax Optio 30 and start doing experiment with it...wah...i bought this camera almost a year now..but this is the 1st time i really dig its function..the manual focusing, micro shot, ISO and all that stuff hehe...all this time i just set it to 'P' [stand for auto] keh keh khe really the 'point and shot' guy la ...

so i was testing the manual focusing using my long leg as background..see the pic..wat do u think hehehe...the top picture with distance focusing and the bottom is close-up focusing erkk...i tot this can only be done with DSLR i know this innocence Pentax is consider as 1st entry camera [or cheap camera..bought it for rm400 although original price is rm800 :P-jaya jusco 50% off] ...wah..somebody really gonna hav to teach me this stuff...

so...i begun to fall in love again with my Pentax have been shadowed with my N70 and my Acer 3680 lately...but now that i im gonna carry that thing around and try to take picture with a lil knowledge that i read from the net [now im using the net the right way :P]

ok fella...i want to read more about photography...for any idea or maybe some lesson pls don't hesitate to email me at ok fella....thanks in advance :P

the bonus :P

finally....the long awaited memo regarding to yearly bonus appear...AHHAHAAH....and its 3.75 month :P , record breaking...[this is the highest paid ever..before is 3.5 month in 1997]

and i see smiley face everywhere...even the lion lookalike face pun smiling last nite of coz I'm smiling too..but that's my everyday habit lah...i always smile, thts why ppl tot that im very friendly becoz always smiling :P but the fact not haha..just becoz i like to smile doesn't mean im talkative ;P..

so the payment would be this 15th ..err...lemme see...3.75 x basic salary err...almost 5k juga lah hahah...i wanna buy ss flat screen wow....

err.. i cant do that...of coz i cant..i need to save that money since this year is my last year working at this company and i dun think I'll work with others again after saving it is ehhe...orait fella..lets go karaoke wow...

dusun for begginers..ehehe

me: atukoi..ogumu tusin tih baino..kumaya no kanto tih
[subtitle : wow...banyak la duit kali ini, mungkin mau kaya laini]
atukoi= no specific meaning lah...only saying to express urself hehe
ogumu = banyak, tusin = duit, tih baino=kali ini, kumaya= mau kaya, kanto tih= mungkin


last nite this is what i've got from my inbox [ not email house inbox hehe the peti surat la ... i still communicate the old scool way lah]

[ramas??kah kahkah bet massy will run away seeing this]

i was laughing by myself seeing this...why ramas? and its a driving school...u know...why these enterprise choose this not so commercial name? kah kah akh...i know its indian company and the boss name is rama [i guess la..] but why ramas??

if u din get wat i mean, ramas = meramas..molest kah? ehhe..ah..itu pun sia sibuk kan...biar lah kan..but i bet malay girl will stay away from this driving school, since they afraid kena ramas ehhe...

in dusun ramas = err.. i forgottttttttttttttttt...mum help....

  • public holiday kah?? keh keh wonder its not busy on the road on my way back home..aiyah..getting too old oredi..i tot its still Sunday...normally it would be jammed here and there oredi at this time [kl peak time :P] but today very calm lah..i even see some unguarded cow crossing road ehhe...tapi sayang i cannot afford to stop and snap pic..[im in a hurry-natural call :P]
  • so today is replacement holiday laaa...i bet you all still asleep rite now hwhw...i'll be my entry wont be long...i just make sure i write something to sharpen my writing skill kah kah akh...since when do i care about my writing skill? since 1887 heh...
  • i sms-es my big bro today [he's at kampong lah] asking whether its musim durian there..he say which durian u want? hehehe...want to kena me lah ya..i know lah sekarang musim durian typhoon :P
  • dusun lesson today lah..i cant think of any good lesson heheh... maybe a lil dusun dictionary lah
  • these a common word you'l hear from dusun-ese egege
Mulau = Gila, Bantaton = Gete / gatal, Muhang= Suka, Kusai=Lelaki, Tondu= Perempuan

on my way back home from work...guess what..flat tyre ..huh..its 7.00am, where got kedai motor buka at this wait until 8.00am..

[nightmare for motorcyclist]

during my waiting time...i just snap around to kill time heheh...
[early in the morning at sek.28 shah alam]

hehe...i managed to snap a stripped down Honda

[i bet the owner will turn green when see this ;P]

and guess.. what i've see more wakakak...this is what happen to retired mountain bike...

[err...maybe it's lance Armstrong bike is'nt?]

And of coz not to forget...CAMWHORING hahah...

[do i look cute on helmet??? gaban]

yes..thats good about using dual camera phone [3g]..ppl wont notice if u're camwhoring keh keh keh...but cannot senyum² lah..nnti orang ingat suda gila...ok la sleepy la pula...night shift...the longest shift :P

dusun lesson for today :
me: kumaraja tadau-tadau nga amu ih kakaya
[subtitle= hari-hari kerja tapi tida juga kaya-kaya]

Hari Ini..

pagi² lagi suda nampak kemalangan...ceh..lesen kopi kah geng..yang bikin hairan tue dalam jarak x sampai 50 meter ada satu lagi eksiden...on 1st, kancil cium waja, on 2nd, naza [nda pasti] cium waja keh keh ekh..i still remember the waja flat no..its Putrajaya 668x heheh [esok amik magnum4d lah manatau naik ;P] napa org suka cium waja??? yelah nama pun wajah ;P

bukan apa, after 5-6 month tidak driving, [sudah jual kereta jadi x dapat driving lah], pagi tadi terpaksa pinjam kereta kawan to go to work sbb road'tax motorsikal mati [boleh kasi kubur lah] and on 1st time driving after month's x driving tht what i see hahah...apa la punya pembuka tirai

tapi tue orang ok..minor accident seja tue, mungkin sbb rush mo pi keja then perumahan sia ni banyak lembu bawa kereta, :P naik bas saja la klu bawa kereta macam monyet..

anyway..culture shock heeh biasa isi minyak paling banyak rm5 saja [motor kan] harini pigi balik rm15 wuhaaa..lama suda x isi tank kereta..ceh x boleh jadi..esok sori la mo bawa kereta...naik motor lagi best, boleh cilok², boleh wheelie² la..ride safely me..i'm human riding, not lembu riding

ok carefull on the road .. don drive too slow, too fast, too ayam..

Pelajaran dusun today;
me: kada kosiau do mamanau
[subtitle: jangan jalan laju² ]

ini laini taufan durian...few days suda sia balik dalam keadaan kering..hari ni mau balik awal punya pasal kena hujan lagi adei...habis basah...[nasib baik ada baju hujan yg bau masam² sikit sbb x penah jemur hehe]

dengar news malam tadi di Filifina oredi claim 1xxx lives vietnam 2xx lives .. malaysia?? so far teda lagi lah..syukur la bah kan..negara orang mungkin perlu 'dicuci' for some reason :P

tapi x boleh la sia mo complain napa selalu hujan [hehe], rahmat Allah S.W.T bah tue...some people sampai panggil 'bomoh hujan' mo kasi turun hujan...keh keh keh...mengarut seja durang nih... camni sa mo jadi bomoh hujan lah..tapi kasi sedia sia satu flight...air garam...nnti sa buat la pembenihan hujan keh keh...

selalu kena hujan ni bukan apa...yg sa malas satu ja...maw kasi kering baju...sudahlah baju sa ada 6 helai ja...[untuk pakai kerja 6 hari pastu recyle balik utk next week ehhe], seluar 2 helai jeans ja [sa keja 6hari, cuti 2 hari..shift 2 hari tue x pakai baju lah..sbb baju ada 6helai ja hehe]...orang pun pelik...barang mahal² buli beli..pakaian rm 10 pun mo bekira..

ni la bah ni... sa bukan branded punya orang..pakai seja apa yg ada..janji bersih dan x berbau hapak la...[warna baju sa semua putih hehehe] supaya senang mo maintain kebersihan...

tgk la jeans ku...jenama Luis kah kah akh...

[kasi bon jovi cium supaya cepat kering]

err..sekali imbas tue pic macam kena kencing dalam seluar pun ada me..kena hujan bah tue hehe naik motor kan :P malam ni maw pakai lagi tue..start keja malam suda adehh...hari yang membosankan !!

Petua - kasi kering dengan kipas lagi cepat daripada guna matahari heheeh..try la :P

mari belajar dusun...
me: rumasam nopo tadau-tadau...
[sub title : hujan saja hari-hari]


watever happen to my blog??? wakakak...massy helppppppp... :P
everything turn upside down menyesal ku x pi skolah tinggi² :P


  • Harini, after a speaking la ingat sa nda pandai suka pempuan suda..selepas all this time teda nasib sama pempuan..akhirnya sa 'tersuka' dengan sorang pempuan ni..ntah la..ingatkan suda jadi gay..rupanya masih suka pempuan juga hehe...[ bukan g.a.y lah mulau...]
  • tapi dia suka sa ka??klu ikut hensem..hensem juga sikit² [ha ha ha] pun bukan pandai flirting nie..ini laini..masalah negara.
  • tapi..masalah dia is..pernahkah korang tersuka sama urang yang ada iras² sama ex korang?? wuhaa...lagilah kalau yang ex tue kita yang dump dia..bukan dia dump kita...maknanya, kita la yg benci dia kan [for some reason lah]...aiseh...camana..hati maw suka..tapi bila tgk muka dia terbayang² pula muka yg di benci :P
  • ahh..paduli la..kasi suka seja lah...harap² dia suka sa lah..tua suda losing my touch oredi ayatku nda sepower dulu, muka pun x setebal dulu lagi, poket makin tebal, tapi muka makin nipis hahah

This is to inform that i'm no longer using English Grammer for my Blog .. why? no specific answer hahah...just that it cross my now i'll talk sabahan...yehaaa...[i'm no longer global] :P

penatlah...maw tulis bahasa english .. err...aku pun bukannya bagus sangat tulis English...;P biasalah budak kampung yang maw tunjuk pandai ;P

tapi susah neh..klu tulis bahasa sabahan nih..kalau ramai yang x paham susah lah haha...kita pun cakap sabah apah..kalau ku tulis bahasa dusun lagi lah..aku sorang² jelah yang paham kan...jadi tiadalagi perkataan mencarut [sopan² seja lah] harap² orang tidak rasa ganjil lah .. baca sejalah kan ..

bagus bila tulis bahasa sendiri ni tidak payah risau urang komen bahasa buruk .. kah salah ka...apa kah...mencarut kah...bahasa sendiri kan .. jadi banga-banga la sebanga-banganya ;P

sia jumpa googlepages...selamani ada seja sana so sa mo pi sana mencarut dsb...takpa ..sana teda orng boleh komen hahah jadi pi la tgk page sa sana

err...ini bahasa standard sabahan yah..bukan Bahasa Malaysia yg di ajar di sekolah² tue..jadi jangan la kasi salah sia tak ikut tatabahasa ... ini la bah siurang nih kah kah kah suka kasi rusak bahasa...antamon nopo [subtitle: hentam seja]

sesi belajar bahasa dusun :P
me : mangai pogi poguguo ino tulu nu hiti totudku nga osonong moti :P
[subtitle : Cuba ko kasi hantuk kapla ko di lututku, bagus rasa dia ]

So i have reloaded my Digi and do another versus mode :P this time between digi so called Edge tech vs malaysian most hated ISP [hehe] but eerr...edge is much slower than cud i get this network speed?? 460.8 kpbs?ridiculous [i can get 115.8kbps on celcom 3g]..but anyway forget meaningless anyway..

[connection speed detected ??? true or not...i dunno wanna cry or laugh]

[download speed for Digi Edge-xctually the DL speed decrease from 4x kb/sec -->8~9 Kb/sec but i manage to capture the starting screen only]

[as usual-the streamyx dl speed today]

so after all this experiment's the conclusion
    1. Gprs [ any provider] - SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!- download speed around 1~2 KB/sec???go to hell lah...
    2. Edge [Digi] - boleh lah ! [depend on coverage and net. traffic]
    3. 3G [celcom] - boleh boleh lah !! [depend on coverage and net. traffic]
    4. Streamyk - kha kah kah - :P
if all of these serv. provider lower their GPRS charge, I'm sure streamyx is history...let say...1sen/50KB...fair enough??coz wireless might not be lightning speed..but it offer mobility..which streamyx don't have [what? hot spot?? ceh...] lets go mobile...

p/s- im blogging from toilet [mobility ma...]

so..this so called 3g tech .. not so bad lah..see for Ur self the result hahah...

[download speed for streamyx 512 kbps package]

[download speed for celcom 3g-detected at 115.5kbps on my network] its as good as it sounded huh? the so called tirigee [3g] tech...for now i'm using it as 2nd option for Internet connection since celcom 3g/gprs charge at 1sen/10kb until end of December so boleh lah..[i use it at work...keh keh bye bye to company so call Internet firewall...farewell lah kah I'm on my using office resource for crap :P] yup..depend on how many site you're opening...i normally download around 3Mb of data[for viewing wesite] .. it cost me around rm3.00 kah kah akh...boleh lah...

next time i'll bring you the digi edge vs streamyx :P.. have to reload my digi 1st see how it
work.. of course streamyx is unbeatable by these so called wireless tech...but it's always good to make comparison is'nt?

lil update : aiyah..just check celcom website...xctually until least i know how good is tirigee

nothing to do i try a lil xperiment about gprs compare to streamyx..note that this is celcom gprs [115.5kbps] [via N70] vs streamyx here's the result

[download speed for streamyx]

[download speed for celcom gprs] how bout that? next time I'll bring you Celcom 3g VS stremyx wait ahh...

bz bz bz bz

bz everyday...but i ain't getting any richer what do you say? every time ppl send broken pc into my house i see 2 and bz haha...

i used to have own cc [2003-2005], beside cc, i do repair and service as well..then it was closed due to major rolling capital problem :P [not really closed xctually, but sold it to someone else..well, loss quite big need to cry thou' i already xpecting it from the day i started it :P]there were 2 thing to expect when you started a business, success and failure...[prof zaini speaking thee thee..] but do expect to success more than failure, coz it will help you mentally..but bear in mind that failure is no uncommon that when you're facing it,you can still walk in style, rather than rolling on the floor crying to death kah kah kah..

now i'am freelance, its better this way,no need to pay monthly bill, rent, your slave's salary [hehe], all i got to do is waiting for ppl [in my house] to send any broken things..[thats include, pc, any electronic,electrical..and sometimes mechanical things]..yups..its kindda ridiculous, you really can fix tht thingy????..yes ma'am..i do...i din go to University, but god bless me with this technical experties [but i din born with it keh khe kh..i was learning,just like anybody else]

orait need to tell to much story about it lah...

one of my friend having difficulties to access streamyx last nite..and calling me for help...i could'nt help him any further becoz im working, so here am i becoming unofficial online help for tmnet..i ask him to on off tht thing [yup..thats the first thing to do hahah...simply reset everything and see how it works..] but still not ok..he said that the network icon turn on and off rapidly [huks..i tot virus attack] so i din ask him to do anything else since this guy [my co-worker] know very little about pc, so i ask him to wait for me to go there.

being inpatient, he called tmnet for help,and tmnet personnel came to his house and guess what's the problem?? haha..his 3 months old modem burnt-out due to thunderstorm [yes..kl has been raining for few month oredi] and according to the tmnet tech, it's the 100th modem he change in that area kah kah akh...padan muka ko tmnet..[no need to pay's still under warranty] err..but its thunderstorm lah..cover by warranty kah that?? ah...biarlah bukan kompeni ku :P

and another broken pc came to my house...but now i have problem to do the troubleshooting...yup..i've sold my old pc already, and now im using this expensive laptop...regret strike me on pehhh [for let go of that old rusty pc]...thts why i tend to keep all my old stuff with me..coz you never know when you need it...and of coz before this i use my old pc to do the troubleshooting [simple trick for pc tech...replace and test with your own hardware] now i dun have desktop pc how to replace??? kah kah kah...

but dun need any hardware to troubleshhot this pc...err...can u help me with these pc..what seem to be the problem here....[see pic] hahahahah

erghh...i wish any problem solving can be as easy as this :P

weh..thanks to julian's post about the pesta jagung held at remind me of my own lovely peaceful village...i respected him alot..know why? evendo he was chinese but he know quite alot bout variety of tribes in sabah..err or isit everyone shud kah?? kui kui kui..i know lilbit evendo i was one proud kampungan boy who admit that know everthing [cocky statement session]yeah..

so it bring back memories...[chehhhh]

no la..xctually that post kindda boost my spirit to go back to my hometown and stay there..its been 11years since i leave my kampung..i was only 17 when i go 'lepaking' my ass here [shah alam] working hard to gain better living [is'it?] but now i feel empty deep down my soul....yeah...when all the fun is over..blues strikes keh keh keh...

i've been plan to do so [migrate] for many years..even my fried ask me "kaw ni...dah berapa tahun aku dengar asik² nak berenti je..tapi batang hidung kaw masih kat sini..belah la.." hehe when i told them that i wanna resign and go back to sabah to become dedicated rubber tapper :P...but as you know..its not easy to let go of what you have been doing for many years..i've lots of friend here...lots of memory...[lots of asset eheheh]...and of course my job..i like my job thou...where else you can wear the astronout alike garment hehehe..

as a stand alone man ... im worries of becoming jobless...[how to pay my debt?how to eat? how to joli-joli sakan? how to top-up hanpon? how to drive a decent car? how to get married? err..many many how lah]..all that kinnda thing swinging all around my head when thinking of quitting my job..thts why i'm still here after year's of thinking for quitting. i gathered all my guts..being jobless...and after few years of preperation finally i have courage to tell my boss...and i did..i just say "bos..sorry to say this aah..but as you know and heard lots of rumors already..
about me wanna i tell you the truth la today...i will give you my resignation letter next year" haiyaaaaaaaaaaaa...another year kah?? keh keh wait till nest year lah .. .. here i come my kampung...i see , i came, i tap the rubber kah kaha kh...

end of blues...

anyway i have late dinner just now and guess what....i see squirrel!!!!!!![asking for my sup ekor] keh keh keh..maybe massy want to adopt this's some picture i snap with my brand new N70

how's my new header ? takes me ages to upload blain almost explode :P pls lemme know if anything weird on ur browser [i've tested it on firefox & far ok]

mati la juga buat ni...bagus lagi buat web sendiri daripada alter blog punya standard skin..nanti kau..aku masuk universiti dulu baru sia kerjakan...sekarang ni aku la yg di kerjakan :P

err..plan to go for photoshoottesting on my brand new n70..rainy lahhhhhh..nevamind..on overall the performance of the phone was quite good,my only complaint is...its a lilbit slow when opening 3rd party software..

i try using it as modem..erm..quite ok lah..connection for celcom gprs can reach 480kbps???? biar's not even 3g woo...i havent register for 3g...or its just simply the speed between laptop and phone i dunno..later la i investigate

so as saiful said..i'll go camwhoring now hahah....

to fulfill my greed of IT gadget...i rob my own pocket for rm 1168 to buy brand new N70+512mb rs-mmc kha kah kah...

so this month i can only eat maggi mee until payday..sabo jelah..anyway thats going to be the last expensive item i'm gonna buy for this complete my wish list...and totaly empty my pocket kha kah kahakkk...

nevamind year i cannot afford to buy anything suda ma...since i'm going retired ahah..maybe to buy celana katak pun x why so stingy? my own money mah

so lemme play with it first and see wat we got later k...

my precious

nothing much to do today, since its my last day working [day off actually...not resigning hehe...] it's sunday and i spend my whole daylight sleeping .. waking up late..hungry and run for food lah..

suffer from boredom, i decide to unpack my old box's of treasure you know, i dont like to throw things away, even if it seem useless ..some of them already broken,and for some people all that kinda thing long being thrown away lah...[for some rich fella, they even throw thing that still in good condition..yalah..banyak duit..]

maybe it's genetic,my father very much alike verymuch alike him lah...he will get very very mad if my mother throw away something belong to him[if its broken or useless anymore lah]...i still remember how angry he was when my mum throw away his broken transistor radio [the rm15.00 punya harga...] mum thougt.."alah..ini murah seja..beli yang baru la..sana kedai kaling banyak juga tue"..but my father insist to keep it..and say "suka-suka kao saja mau buang..ini bulih repair lah...mahal tau sia beli ni..nanti si anu [thats me lah hehe] balik sia suruh dia repair"..gosh..its only rm15....can even buy 10 of them :P

but i know he do that because he just hate to throw thing away...and he know that thing can be repaired, and guess what, i came home and he ask me to repair that priceless [according to dad] transistor radio...[i was studying at vocational school at that time, in electronic] and i did and the radio worked again...i can see how happy he was and saying to my mother "naaa..kan..kalau kau buang haritu berapa sayang..tengok..sikarang bunyi sudah hahah" yeah..hehehe...thats my father [he passed away in 2000 at the age of 82..may god bless his soul]

so back to my precious box of treasure ..lets find out what we got here ;-

So..i've lot of these box but i choose this one because it's less miserable know closer look what we've got

kah kah..broken watch..few cd's, a water heater, pc casing fan and power chord hishkk...these things all useless lah..err..i'm no big fan of jamal come his cd's in my box?? i'll throw them tomorrow for sure hahah..useless..err.. wait..i can't do that..they might be useful in i keep them lah..i wrap the box again and keep it somewhere safe...

then in a few year house would be like the 'besi buruk' shop, but for me it's my precious treasure :P i buy them with my own money mah...not free wooo...

Disgusting film scene ever [according to no good film reviewer]

  1. Over stylish shooting skill [can see them on The Desperado] pheii...make sense a lil bit la..if you about to shoot someone you dont thik to be stylish la..just shoot to kill :P
  2. Banyak cakap shoot...[where the hero oredi caught the crook and about to shoot them..but instead of shooting..the hero keep talking..and talking and talking...aiyah..if you want to shoot..then shoot la..dont talk too much..]
  3. Dying part [can see them mostly on bollywood film] aiyah..if the actor about to die..die la no need banyak cakap lagi..of coz its good to have last word..but not until 10 minute length of speech..then no need to die la...i can call ambulance for you
  4. die hard crook hehe [susah mati la]..where the crook get shoot but cannot die..even after several shoot real life one bullet enaugh to sent ya to your grave lah..idiot.
err...there's lot more lah..i'll continiue if got grandma call me sorry ah..
btw if you ever watch movie and sit next to your ear ah..i'll defenetly whining,cursing,and rattling about no good movie scene hehehe

Movie Talk...

err..old fella also watch movie lah...wat la think old fella only know how to work work work until die kah?

Ok la..been watching The Departed just now...itssssss suckkkkk for Martin scorsese film ,i was always a big fan of this man (encik scorsese lah) his way of directing always turn me on ,his film mainly on betryal, mystery,mafia and all tht stuff come dicaprio been shot on his head and die just like that???(die just like pig been slaughter egegeeg) he's the hero right..erghhh...not fair..lemme become director lah next time, but ok least this film not bullshiting u with stylish shooting skill, continious firing without running out of bullet, ( many bullet u can load in single gun?? but some movie just showing the hero firing non stop without even load his weapon phuiii...even darjah 3 kid pun tau)

err..ok la no more movie review for no good reviewer anyhow hahaha sorry encik martin if i offend you...i tot this would be like my all time favourite movie ( of them la) The Goodfellas this one real good shud watch it lah..

btw .. old film one?? with all that cgi trick..cheh...i can do that all the supahero who wear their spendex outside..go die la ahahhahaah...ok ok stop...its getting ridiculous oredi

maybe i'll review more movie next time

nothing to do with the title just cross my mind so i write it..


no hp...uwaa...

working night shift (jadi kelawar)

so no update lah..

er...try listening to Rossa-Aku Bukan Untukmu .. phew..melelah air liur (lagu utk mendodoikan aku masa tidur siang-siang buta na na na na....)

i'm too young to achive the title 'grandpa' keh keh keh..but i am. i have 7 grandchild oredi heeh [and counting] the oldest is 4 yrs come? i'm not even married..but got grandchild oredi.. no lah xtualy it's my niece and nephew's child..consider my grandchild's lah kan..

one of my grandchild [a cute 3yrs old girl] having dinner with us last friday...she was running around the table and keep yelling 'atuk..atuk...' to me adei...malu sia...many ppl in the restaurant that nite and keep looking at me as if i'am real 'atuk looks' ehhehe im still young lah..

but it's ok la..its kinda cool mah become 'atuk' at the age of 28 mehehe...

so i gave her candy and say "dont call me atuk me,abang..abang hensem and i'll give you more candy" kekek...old trick..but it doest work lah..she just keep yelling "ATUK !! ATUK!! to me herghh... :P

yeah yeah..its defenetly the biggest but not the cheapest :P..

LYP just rob my pocket for rm 220 buy USB tv tuner hehe...

[PixelView play TV 400 USB]

Its for my laptop im watching tv via need bulky tv set la .. i seldom watch tv but these usb tuner have the video capturing mode .. thats what important to me coz i do VHS converting a lot so these expensive thing is a must ...

i wanted to go to some place xctually and have no intend to go to lyp coz i know when i go there [with plenty of money with me] herghh...rambang mata tgk gadget di sana...and end up being rob [by myself la] beli itu ini,sometime buying thing yang not necessary eheh...gadget freak..thts why i stay away from LYP or IMBI Plaza.

i got lost in kl [hahaha i live here for the past 10yrs but still got lost]...well xctually i'm in search for one place [got the address] i get there but that place seem like not exist adeh..bikin penat apa lagi suda x jumpa tempat tue then i change my direction to LYP the biggest IT mall but not the cheapest hehehe [ if you want cheap go wander around pj..where LYP got their supply] i got N73 for rm1.18k only haha..there in lyp it cost around 1.6-2.1k..

so fella next time you in KL..dont miss LYP [if you're IT gadget geek hehe] dont forget to bring along your C.C .. or just bring plenty of cash lah eheh cheers...coz it's defenetly the biggest but not the cheapest

its been few week kl was raining .. petang seja hujan...wah .. rainy season la ni .. mau pi jalan² pun susah [i dont have car ;P im rubber tapper ma canot afford one]

one thing good is i can sleep tight hehe...last nite is a record .. been sleeping for 12 hrs and 10 minute HAHAHA..[starting from 6pm-6.10am] itu pun sebab kerja baru bangun.. if not then sleep for 2 days la jawabnya.. but yeah..sometime we need extended sleep to refresh our body [not enough sleep la for few week... sometime 3-5 hrs only arghh..]

btw..been reading few post from other blogger

only 14 loves retro too.. i like 70's 80's 90's 00's [betul ka tue hehe]
saiful going to auckland .. bawa sia wei hehe[this guy pun travel alot la...jeles sia]...
flanegan post the tank man .. yeah... i like that too...but why that man [or woman] want to stop the tank??? need a ride kah? erghh..i need more info on this [wah this guy travel to many countries oredi heheeh i've been to malaysia and malaysia and malaysia kekeek]..
julian want to smack car hahaah..besa la tue julian i like it when you say the bigger the car the dumber the driver hahaha..make sense .. just look at the lorry driver, bus driver but kancil turbo also kinda irritating sometime ..
massy post the funny SG Dollar ekeke..i tried it on RM cannot lah... our agong always look cool when i try to fold it like the Sg

ehehe... its always fun to review other ppl blog... cheers :P

err..apologize for my poor grammer and spelling hopefully you can understand every bit of it...xctually i wanted to write in our beloved malay...but it will sounded too offcial then no fun to read...and to write in full engerish hell im no white man [ang-moh] so dont label me as 'language destroyer' or 'perosak bahasa' im only writing what people can accept [to read] mah..even do its only 'pasar language' hehe.. im no graduate, im no white man..i'm no higly educated...but kucoba untuk menjalani kehidupanku dengan penuh keceriaan dan keinsafan pada hari yang mulia ini [ it's sound?? bulih tahan?? then i'll write like this la next time]

and again..ppl dont read blog to study language is'nt? just for fun..or maybe some info..or just to know people..etc etc aiyah blog ku ini telah melarikan diri dari i better stop before bush's administration sue me for messing with engerish language hahahhah...fcuk bush and his associate ... long live rubber tapper go go go !!! (12x)

no pic la i upload this...

[wanted by bush administration]

this only 14 girl ask me my occupation so i think i better blog about that ehhehe... sorry for the joke in the cbox ah ...

you can check my company profile here

so to be honest with ya..i'm not a rubber tapper as i always mention (but wannabe..and will be)..i'm a full time slave of an employee hahaha working as Lab Technician (its Juruteknik Makmal to be accurate) its my 10th years working with this company, started as Machine Operator back in 1996 (started working at the age 17 eheh..x sempat tanam anggur) then promoted as Supervisor for a while (acting) then now as Technician lah..

job function mainly on to perform heavy mettalic contamination check on Silicon semiconductor surface using some secret method (i can't reveal it here as it's company big secret and i can get sued for doing so hehe) but i can guarantee you that we play with acidic meterial a lot (HydroFluoric Acid,Nitric Acid, etc etc ) so dangerous woo...but as we're highly trained to perform such task then its ok lah...

but one thing good about my job is our dress..haha c for you self la ...[its lint free Overall]

[White Ninja In Action] would you wear that outfit for 8 hours a day?? how boout 10 years?? haha..i like it thou..if you fart nobody else smell kah kah la...

so thats pretty much about it... it's not a very intresting job lah..but wat to do..cari makan .. so kena keja betul² la.. my advice is Love Your Job but Not your company...haha...always ask for more if possible..more salary..more anual leave..more increment..more bonus..more and more until they fired you ;P

maybe some nasi lemak seller even richer than me rite now.. im tottaly out of budget..plan to buy 3G phone pun x lepas.. now i'm using old school method to get in contact (by payphone heheh with small book (the 555 book) full with people phone no) yeah...i've used to do so in late 90's and again now..ciess..even the darjah 3 kid pun got shiny handphone.. they even laugh at me using the payphone..whats the matter kid?? never use payphone before?? cieh.. but hopefully can get the handphone next month.. the N93 ahahah here i come... I see, I came, I fart :P

anyway last monday i have my haircut.. hair being cut by some trainee barber (original from India.. canot even speak malay or english..) i sit there nearly 1.5 hours till my hair done wah...mau marah pun x can you piss off with someone who doesnt understand as pure gentleman..i just say thanks .. pay..and time sori la mo pi kedai ko lagi..ko potong la rambut ko sendirik hehe

by the way..kl rainy season la...petang seja hujan...

Tapi miskin² pun still beli some cool gadget hehe...the latest thing that rob my pocket is the EDIFIER E2100 for rm 155 .00 tapi sound puas hati... no need home theater la


  • MDF wood enclosures for the subwoofer
  • Magnetically shielded satellites and subwoofer
  • Front panel controls for Volume, Bass, and Treble adjustments
  • Uses NE5532, one of the best opamps on the market


  • Power output: RMS 8W×2+12W(THD=10%)
  • Signal-to-Noise Rate (Amplifier): >=85dBA
  • Input Impedance:10Kohm
  • Bass driver unit:4" Woofer (106mm), 4 Ohm, magnetically shielded
  • Fullrange Driver:3" Fullrange (78 mm), 4 Ohm, magnetically shielded
  • Power requirement:~220V, 50Hz,30W
  • Dimensions Subwoofer:202(W)×153(H)×278(D)mm
  • Dimensions satellite:89(W)×159(H)×104(D)mm
  • Weight:Approximately 5 Kg

xctually 3rd nov is my birthday :P... im turning 28 .. too young to declare myself as old man special need selebrate just some typical orang kampung who doesnt celebrate it..its just number ma..just be greatfull that im still alive, healthy and still not losing hair hahah...

but what i want to share is..lot of my friend keep asking the bonus question 'bila maw kawin???' yeah...coz typical guy in my age normally have kid oredi (at least that what happen to friend surrounding me) and i just keep saying..'nanti la ada jodoh kawin la ' kindda artist answer :P

yeah..sepa x maw kawin?? of course i do want to marry, but not now la..maybe few years later if god permit..know why? coz i dont want to be just like one of my friend who're married at the early 20's he's always barking on me about his family problem...bini marah la..anak nakal la..duit x cukup la...mentua itu la ini la...yeah yeah..keep me inform on all that..i'll apreciate it..(if you know what i mean)

so conclusion getting married soon and my wife is .. taraaaaaa....

[haha..gothca..xctually this is Nirina Zubir co-star in the indo movie Heart,gosh.what happen to me..i've seen to much indo movie lately...hrmm...latest is this la Heart ]

whoaa..title so funny la i dunno why i write such title..nyway..its quite bz week for i have this desease called notimetowriteanything syndrom.... :P being bz installing my new acer 3680 wahh..damn sungguh...not in my entire life as computer geek (according to massy :P) having such a difficulties to install the damn OS (operasi sistem to be accurate ehehe) i tried all Os starting from win 95 until the latest Win xp with extended security (dunno why it has extended..maybe the person who cracked the cd make his own extended security) but all failed to fire up my new sexy , expensive toys...sometime the window didnt even load..sometime they load but take soooooo long...lagi laju la kura-kura..but i guess that the price to pay when you using pireted SW haha padan muka ku...

So..being sober...once again i just rob my pocket for rm 5++ to buy the original Win XP SP 2 then after installing it i suddenly feel that im 10 yrs younger conclusion ORIGINAL SOFTWARE next need to patch there and there to run pireted SW on your pc ... :P

[me in love already :}]

[acer 3680]

my old pc- bye bye old man..gonna send you to rumah orang² tua ]


Today i woke up early around 9 am (hahaha consider early la for pemotong getah like me) in my mind is..i have to run quickly to IOI Mall (open at 10.30am) to collect my brand new laptop (seeeeee post before mah..) so i call the awek who make me a promise that day..

Me : Askum....Halloooo..zaini speaking..i just want to ask you ah..that day i've book some acer it available oredi???
Awek Salesgirl : w'salam .. errr..abg zaini..they dont send it here yet la sori ahh...i'll call you when the laptop arived la ah..sori ah...
Me : well its ok (frustrated) bye..

Hahahah...sooooo frustrated... i have a dream about it oredi...i can feel unwrapping that beautiful,shiny,sexy,expensive toys oredi whuaa...but good things biasanya susah maw dapat..kena tunguu la..penunguan itu satu penyeksaan..but its ok..sooner or later i'll get it somehow...

yeah..i'm a computer fanatic,and soon to be laptop fanatic...then i can carry those thing around just to show off hahaha...go go rubber for me...:P

Hahahah... after few hundred years..finally i can afford myself a laptop kui kui kui (yelah..pemotong getah kan..mana mampu beli laptop .. :P) but not yet..have to wait until monday barulah can get my hand on it eeee... itu la that day suda ada stock..tapi masih doubt lagi..maw raya after raya baru la decide 2 buy .. then after friday prayer tadi dengan penuh semangat (dan kocek yg penuh duit cash) aku melangkah pi Jaya Jusco near IOI Mall (pineapple shop)...dengan bangganya aku panggil salesgirl's a lil bit of my conversation...

Me : Askum..adik..abang nak beli laptop ni la secara cash... (dengan bangga menunjuk laptop dkt display)
salesgirl : yang BLUEDOT ni ker???
(Aiseh..pasal pa pula bluedot..haritue kat display ACER ...punya bikin malu heheh...itu la lain kali tgk dulu sblm tunjuk)
Me: err...aikseh hehe (coverla..) tak perasan la dik..haritu kat display ni ACER ..
Salesgirl : ooo..ACER ker..customer dah angkat la bang..yg ni je yg tinggal bluedot ..amik yg nie la (sambil tersenyum mengoda kat aku..ceh macam aku x tau..nak suruh aku beli la 2)
Me : ah..BlueDot?? tak penah dengar pun jenama ni..saper buat ahbengware sdn bhd?? hehe abg nak juga yg acer tue...
Salesgirl : ok la klu camtue xpe tapi kena tunggu monday la baru boleh dapat..klu nak cepat abang kena amik kat summit (senyum lagi aiseh hehehe nasib baik x cun..) tapi abg kena bayar dulu...
Me: ok set...

hehe gitu ja....sia pun malas mo banyak² tanya...senang ja buat urusan..pendek kata sia bayar rm 1999.00 amik resit pastu blah hehe monday la baru dapat laptop baru..then buhbye la computer antik aku ni muahahha...

anyway ni spec dia

Intel® Celeron® M Processor 420 (1.6GHz, 1MB Cache, 533MHz FSB)
Mobile Intel® 940GML Express chipset with integrated 3D graphics, featuring Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950, up to 224 MB of shared system memory, supporting Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0
14.1" Wide XGA CrystalBrite Color LCD supports 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and dual display via Acer GridVista
512MB DDR2 RAM (upgradeable to 2GB)
Integrated 56Kbps modem & 10/100 Mbps LAN
Integrated 802.11b/g Wireless LAN
Integrated DVD/CDRW Combo Drive
5-in-1 Card Reader supporting MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital, xD-Picture, Memory Stick & Memory Stick Pro
4-cell Li-Ion Battery Pack (2.0 hours battery life)
(Actual battery life may vary, depending on usage and configuration).
3xUSB, 1xVGA port,
335 (W) × 240 (D) × 31.9/34.1 (H) mm
Weight 2.38kg (5.25 lbs.)
1-Year International Traveller Warranty
Free:- Acer Designed Carrying Bag

My my letih la...eheh x dapat tidur pada malam raya..sampai Raya pertama asyik ke hulu-ke hilir ja .. . malas suda maw tulis blog pun baru ja bangun after tertidur petang .. mati jalan sana-sini hehe..kenyang kuih ja :P jadi tgk pic seja la malas mo tulis byk²

[all picture takenwith Pentax Optio 3.0]

kanak² riang di hari raya (me, zali, abu & wife-ida) after sembahyang raya..makan² at rumah before cari mangsa eheh utk beraya..gini la klu x dpt balik kg

Ini seja juadah kami..hah paduli la lepas ni mo pi makan² tmpt urg juga kan

On the way mo pi beraya rumah urg .. .dreber tu tensen..bini balik kg heheh dia kerja ..

On the way pi dengkil..itu putrajaya selangor punya ah..bukan yg sana telipok tue :P

Mo pi dengkil tapi terpigi pula semenyih..rumah member..heheh makan seja la apa peduli..raya juga kan..abu with his uncle

akhirnya sampai dengkil .. kg sungai batu (batu ada sungai ada batu hahah perkampungan org asli sana..tah macamana buli ada kawan sana..itu budak asli..minta duit raya laitu..nda kena bagi .. minta amik pic seja la heheh

erghh..letih..balik tue nda sempat suda amik pic..balik pi tesco puchong pula , hehe ingat kan teda org rupanya ramai lagi ni time malas suda mo amik pic guna bawah ni amik pakai phone [nok6260]kanak² riang dapat beraya di kg hahahah

sana tesco puchong..beli udang..puas makan kuih mo beli udang pula rm 9.97 /kg .. murah juga..

lastly balik umah..lunyai suda...terus tidur macam badak hopefully your raya also happening..with family and friend ... selamat hari raya...:P

Its hari raya !!!!...

sempena hari mulia ini .. ingin saya mengucapkan ribuan kemaafan kepada sesiapa sahaja dalam dunia ini...dengan ucapan selamat hari raya..semoga berbahagia (phew..macam kat radio pula heheh)

couldn't sleep huwaaa... its because this morning is raya celebration..oredi prepare my 'baju raya' for sembahyang sunat eidul fitri meheh...then dunno where to go..just 'lepaking' at home watching tv la kot :P

so what i do? i customize this blog...make it look a lil bit pro hhehehe look at this ahahha...or this
shes just 14 acting like real genius i decide to make my blog a lil bit fun .. not just a pale looking blog (why did provide those un-happening template? hu?) but still its take me more than just simple clicks over my mouse..have to read there and there how to modify that damn script .. comes old rusty brain getting to work again hehe..finally i manage to upload my own header (damn banner with my face on it heheh) and i still working on the shout out box ...

but i still think that my blog lack of picture..well..i'll work that out someday.. sure i'am a great photographer (heheh)

hrmm...this raya is not going to be fun for me .. coz im thousand miles awa from my family huahuah...but what to do .. cari makan lah...raya tahun depan sure can raya sakan one hehhehe coz next year i'll resign...

Wah..pening-pening .. just now i pusing-pusing around town to survey for the latest price of laptop.. hehe the cheapest is rm 1989 its acer (i forgot the series) not a big fan of laptop since they are not made for heavy user like me hehe ( i mean heavy .. is for gaming... video processing - dvd ..vcd .. converting tons of megabyte...24 hrs operation) do you think laptop can handle all that??? defenetly not haha even if it can then you have to prepare your pocket to repair damage it will cause.. even for desktop pc its consider torturing the pc..

i still remember my old pc (currently my pc is "borrowed from someone"-its celeron 700, 128+256 mb of ram,20g hard disk,no vga huhuh) my old pc was P4-1.5 GHz, 128+512 mb of ram, 40GB h.disk, 32 MB of graphic (i forgot the brand,mabe its ATI dunno hehe), and its consider still low in performance .. and when performing video converting e.g AVI --> MPEG its still take forever to complete ..and its P4 1.5 GHz and compare to laptop (same speed for 1.6 GHz) will do the job but for how long? for 2 gb of AVI file convert to MPEG take around 45 min with p4 1.5gh, and its only 5 minute clip (hehe) so if i want to convert 80 min (1 cd) of avi file to mpeg...then how long ot would take?? of course it can be done ... but for laptop it would be torturing...hehe i used to cool down my desktop pc with table fan when performing video converting (open the casing lah ) and i dun think you can do this to laptop.. in the long run you will damage ur laptop processor,or ram,or motherboard or lcd, or even damage ur heart haha.. and it caused my heat..all caused by heat..damn heat..

now im still thinking of getting myself a laptop..since next year i will enroll for long distance leraning at oum so laptop is all i need and of course some gprs connection hehehehe since i'll migrate to suburban area .. no chick..wuhaa..

so maybe ill get myself that Acer .. xctually i prefer Ftec brand.. they also got cheap laptop .. check for uself here and its owned by sabahan hehehe... but since i read so much about buying international brand for laptop so i want to buy acer la heheh..

but what good is..i dun have to worry about all the problem involving computer since i'm a computer technician could i forgot that .. so buying just any brand wouldnt be a big problem for long as its cheap and practical for what i need .. bluekk...

Wahahah....selamat...selamat ...selamat hari raya..huhuh...i dont know where to go la this raya..this is what happen when your hometown is thousand miles away hehe..but get used to it since every time raya is coming i dont hav a chance to celebrate with close relative coz i have to work laaa... but its ok..get used to it

since raya is coming very shortly... i decide to wish all my friend a happy hari raya .. and ask for appologize (betul ka ni spell? hehe)

maybe raya ni i want to visit my nephew at Tmn Perumahan HIV..near sec 28 hehe... then back home and enjoy watching tv lah kot..


Assalamualaikum... hari yg ke 17 puasa..still ok..tiada yg tertinggal lagi hahah..(compare to last year..this year better la) the time is 5.30pm...another 1.5 hrs to break :P..nyam nyam...

harini penuh dengan adengan basah..(oppss bukan basah yg gitu²) tapi kena going out at 2.30pm..heading to tm net office to pay my stremix bill (suspended oredi haha) rm 181.21 on the way kena hujan pula ahaha..luckly i have my rain coat..but there goes my camel shoes .. all lencun..pastu heading to shah alam (JAIS) to collect thing..on the way nak balik 2 kena hujan lagi...but this time my rain coat can't protect me anymore becoz its raining cats and dog..couldnt see anything infront of me ..kabur segala - gala.. so sebelum kena gelek dengan trailer baik berhenti (tak sempat raya pula karang :P) so terpaksa la rest kat plaza alam central hehe siap pakai rain coat lagi jln² dlm pasaraya..pakai helmet and raincoat...fesen baru la pula hehe..

anyway selamat sampai rumah at 4.00pm .. test my connection walaa..ok suda haha..after 1 week without internet connection feel like dying.. computer is useless without broadband connection heheheh (pinjam iklan AXN)

ok la fella happi berpuasa .. solat jgn lupa :P

Second day baru ada tenaga mo blogging hehe not too late to wish (as above la kan..) this year kena sambut bulan puasa dengan kocek yg half full or half empty..jadi budget for this ramadhan quite thight la..normally 4 the past year bulan puasa adalah bulan menghabiskan duit (perangai setan ehhe) but this year kena sebaliknya .. selain menambah pahala..boleh menambah kocek

For all muslim selamat berpuasa dan puasa jgn x solat..akhirnya posa dapat lapar dan dahaga..pahala tarak hehe (pesanan Ustaz Zaini) sama² la kita menjalanai ibadah puasa dengan penuh kesabaran dan takwa kerana Allah S.W.T amin ... :)

Baru balik from 5 day intensive course Asas Pembangunan Islam.. wahah..jadi alim la pula..tapi very worthy la sbb for 5 days saya dapat mengamalkan cara kehidupan secara islam yang sebenar .. sembahyang 5 waktu..berzikir..reading quran and so on.. yang mana pada hari² biasa sangat sukar untuk di lakukan .. .

In the end..macam x nak balik pun ada..thanks to all Ustaz & Ustazah there (very friendly)..all my new friend...just like brother..very warming heheh, but anyway itu satu kenangan terindah..
forget to tell that the course was arranged by Majlis Agama Islam Selangor..held at Pantai Remis Meru selangor (is it?? forgot the training center name)

But hopefully i can practice whatever i've learn my dialy lives ehhe..

My Tummy

its getting bigger day by day...wonder if im getting pregnant or just some cacing in it ehheeh..still remember those day when i suppose to be slim .. height at 177 cm weighing at 50 kg ... wah..look like mat pet i suppose. (underweight abt 10 kg) but now im 65kg and counting lar..

maybe im getting aged so my metabolism getting lower day by day so my fat collection also bertambah banyak .. walaa..those day kalau tak makan for 1 day pun masih ok..masih boleh main bola but these day klu tak makan 3 or 4 hours feel like dying hehe mesti mau makan and then klu tak makan on time there goes my penyakit i guess vomiting after eating (symptom?)

but im planning to quit smoking also..tried last month..suksess for 1 week only :P then craving for dunhill oredi...

semoga suksess..

er..ask me? tiada apa ... mungkin hanya tempat untuk berlatih menaip .. meluahkan perasaan sinting ... sometime maybe.. tapi perancangan asal adalah untuk menitipkan seberapa banyak info dan pengetahuan mengenai suku kaum saya Dusun Or Kadazan Dusun.. dah lama dah..(ikut style Tun M) nak buat sesuatu seperti ini tapi yelah...tidak tahu banyak pasal my own culture ( kg tapi kebaratan..not keparat wei..) dan satu lagi saya pada hari ini 12 sep 2006 masih berada di shah alam (tempat cari makan) so tiada apa info yg boleh di masukkan kecuali info mat rempit :P time buli la bila dah ingat semula.. saya akan cuba masukkan info yg saya tahu sendiri (original knowledge as Dusun-Man)

Mengenai bahasa saya..dun worry...we're not taking bahasa malaysia or bahasa English exam here jadi macamni saja la senang faham..some in malay (baku) and some in BI (pasar) coz i dun think any mat saleh (caucasian) reading this lagipun target saya bukan untuk olang putih..klu boleh biaralah malaysian read this... org malaysia mesti tahu bahasa malaysia kan? and for some reason bahasa saya jadi rojak is because im not good in english either (heheh) thts why... kalau saya ni bagus mungkin saya akan buat something like this online friend... he wrote in fully B I .. sure he's a good one walaupun penah chat berberapa kali shj tapi dia mmg bagus banget !!


blog yg kesekian kali telah ku 'create' kepada blog² ku yg sebelum ini meninggal separuh jalan (hehe) lupa password..lupa url...lupa update .. lupa establish pada kengkawan huahau...hopefully blog ini suksess .. sekurang² bertahan wlp mungkin tiada pengunjung..tapi xpe untuk syok sendiri jelah :P


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