so..this so called 3g tech .. not so bad lah..see for Ur self the result hahah...

[download speed for streamyx 512 kbps package]

[download speed for celcom 3g-detected at 115.5kbps on my network] its as good as it sounded huh? the so called tirigee [3g] tech...for now i'm using it as 2nd option for Internet connection since celcom 3g/gprs charge at 1sen/10kb until end of December so boleh lah..[i use it at work...keh keh bye bye to company so call Internet firewall...farewell lah kah I'm on my using office resource for crap :P] yup..depend on how many site you're opening...i normally download around 3Mb of data[for viewing wesite] .. it cost me around rm3.00 kah kah akh...boleh lah...

next time i'll bring you the digi edge vs streamyx :P.. have to reload my digi 1st see how it
work.. of course streamyx is unbeatable by these so called wireless tech...but it's always good to make comparison is'nt?

lil update : aiyah..just check celcom website...xctually until least i know how good is tirigee

nothing to do i try a lil xperiment about gprs compare to streamyx..note that this is celcom gprs [115.5kbps] [via N70] vs streamyx here's the result

[download speed for streamyx]

[download speed for celcom gprs] how bout that? next time I'll bring you Celcom 3g VS stremyx wait ahh...

bz bz bz bz

bz everyday...but i ain't getting any richer what do you say? every time ppl send broken pc into my house i see 2 and bz haha...

i used to have own cc [2003-2005], beside cc, i do repair and service as well..then it was closed due to major rolling capital problem :P [not really closed xctually, but sold it to someone else..well, loss quite big need to cry thou' i already xpecting it from the day i started it :P]there were 2 thing to expect when you started a business, success and failure...[prof zaini speaking thee thee..] but do expect to success more than failure, coz it will help you mentally..but bear in mind that failure is no uncommon that when you're facing it,you can still walk in style, rather than rolling on the floor crying to death kah kah kah..

now i'am freelance, its better this way,no need to pay monthly bill, rent, your slave's salary [hehe], all i got to do is waiting for ppl [in my house] to send any broken things..[thats include, pc, any electronic,electrical..and sometimes mechanical things]..yups..its kindda ridiculous, you really can fix tht thingy????..yes ma'am..i do...i din go to University, but god bless me with this technical experties [but i din born with it keh khe kh..i was learning,just like anybody else]

orait need to tell to much story about it lah...

one of my friend having difficulties to access streamyx last nite..and calling me for help...i could'nt help him any further becoz im working, so here am i becoming unofficial online help for tmnet..i ask him to on off tht thing [yup..thats the first thing to do hahah...simply reset everything and see how it works..] but still not ok..he said that the network icon turn on and off rapidly [huks..i tot virus attack] so i din ask him to do anything else since this guy [my co-worker] know very little about pc, so i ask him to wait for me to go there.

being inpatient, he called tmnet for help,and tmnet personnel came to his house and guess what's the problem?? haha..his 3 months old modem burnt-out due to thunderstorm [yes..kl has been raining for few month oredi] and according to the tmnet tech, it's the 100th modem he change in that area kah kah akh...padan muka ko tmnet..[no need to pay's still under warranty] err..but its thunderstorm lah..cover by warranty kah that?? ah...biarlah bukan kompeni ku :P

and another broken pc came to my house...but now i have problem to do the troubleshooting...yup..i've sold my old pc already, and now im using this expensive laptop...regret strike me on pehhh [for let go of that old rusty pc]...thts why i tend to keep all my old stuff with me..coz you never know when you need it...and of coz before this i use my old pc to do the troubleshooting [simple trick for pc tech...replace and test with your own hardware] now i dun have desktop pc how to replace??? kah kah kah...

but dun need any hardware to troubleshhot this pc...err...can u help me with these pc..what seem to be the problem here....[see pic] hahahahah

erghh...i wish any problem solving can be as easy as this :P

weh..thanks to julian's post about the pesta jagung held at remind me of my own lovely peaceful village...i respected him alot..know why? evendo he was chinese but he know quite alot bout variety of tribes in sabah..err or isit everyone shud kah?? kui kui kui..i know lilbit evendo i was one proud kampungan boy who admit that know everthing [cocky statement session]yeah..

so it bring back memories...[chehhhh]

no la..xctually that post kindda boost my spirit to go back to my hometown and stay there..its been 11years since i leave my kampung..i was only 17 when i go 'lepaking' my ass here [shah alam] working hard to gain better living [is'it?] but now i feel empty deep down my soul....yeah...when all the fun is over..blues strikes keh keh keh...

i've been plan to do so [migrate] for many years..even my fried ask me "kaw ni...dah berapa tahun aku dengar asik² nak berenti je..tapi batang hidung kaw masih kat sini..belah la.." hehe when i told them that i wanna resign and go back to sabah to become dedicated rubber tapper :P...but as you know..its not easy to let go of what you have been doing for many years..i've lots of friend here...lots of memory...[lots of asset eheheh]...and of course my job..i like my job thou...where else you can wear the astronout alike garment hehehe..

as a stand alone man ... im worries of becoming jobless...[how to pay my debt?how to eat? how to joli-joli sakan? how to top-up hanpon? how to drive a decent car? how to get married? err..many many how lah]..all that kinnda thing swinging all around my head when thinking of quitting my job..thts why i'm still here after year's of thinking for quitting. i gathered all my guts..being jobless...and after few years of preperation finally i have courage to tell my boss...and i did..i just say "bos..sorry to say this aah..but as you know and heard lots of rumors already..
about me wanna i tell you the truth la today...i will give you my resignation letter next year" haiyaaaaaaaaaaaa...another year kah?? keh keh wait till nest year lah .. .. here i come my kampung...i see , i came, i tap the rubber kah kaha kh...

end of blues...

anyway i have late dinner just now and guess what....i see squirrel!!!!!!![asking for my sup ekor] keh keh keh..maybe massy want to adopt this's some picture i snap with my brand new N70

how's my new header ? takes me ages to upload blain almost explode :P pls lemme know if anything weird on ur browser [i've tested it on firefox & far ok]

mati la juga buat ni...bagus lagi buat web sendiri daripada alter blog punya standard skin..nanti kau..aku masuk universiti dulu baru sia kerjakan...sekarang ni aku la yg di kerjakan :P

err..plan to go for photoshoottesting on my brand new n70..rainy lahhhhhh..nevamind..on overall the performance of the phone was quite good,my only complaint is...its a lilbit slow when opening 3rd party software..

i try using it as modem..erm..quite ok lah..connection for celcom gprs can reach 480kbps???? biar's not even 3g woo...i havent register for 3g...or its just simply the speed between laptop and phone i dunno..later la i investigate

so as saiful said..i'll go camwhoring now hahah....

to fulfill my greed of IT gadget...i rob my own pocket for rm 1168 to buy brand new N70+512mb rs-mmc kha kah kah...

so this month i can only eat maggi mee until payday..sabo jelah..anyway thats going to be the last expensive item i'm gonna buy for this complete my wish list...and totaly empty my pocket kha kah kahakkk...

nevamind year i cannot afford to buy anything suda ma...since i'm going retired ahah..maybe to buy celana katak pun x why so stingy? my own money mah

so lemme play with it first and see wat we got later k...

my precious

nothing much to do today, since its my last day working [day off actually...not resigning hehe...] it's sunday and i spend my whole daylight sleeping .. waking up late..hungry and run for food lah..

suffer from boredom, i decide to unpack my old box's of treasure you know, i dont like to throw things away, even if it seem useless ..some of them already broken,and for some people all that kinda thing long being thrown away lah...[for some rich fella, they even throw thing that still in good condition..yalah..banyak duit..]

maybe it's genetic,my father very much alike verymuch alike him lah...he will get very very mad if my mother throw away something belong to him[if its broken or useless anymore lah]...i still remember how angry he was when my mum throw away his broken transistor radio [the rm15.00 punya harga...] mum thougt.."alah..ini murah seja..beli yang baru la..sana kedai kaling banyak juga tue"..but my father insist to keep it..and say "suka-suka kao saja mau buang..ini bulih repair lah...mahal tau sia beli ni..nanti si anu [thats me lah hehe] balik sia suruh dia repair"..gosh..its only rm15....can even buy 10 of them :P

but i know he do that because he just hate to throw thing away...and he know that thing can be repaired, and guess what, i came home and he ask me to repair that priceless [according to dad] transistor radio...[i was studying at vocational school at that time, in electronic] and i did and the radio worked again...i can see how happy he was and saying to my mother "naaa..kan..kalau kau buang haritu berapa sayang..tengok..sikarang bunyi sudah hahah" yeah..hehehe...thats my father [he passed away in 2000 at the age of 82..may god bless his soul]

so back to my precious box of treasure ..lets find out what we got here ;-

So..i've lot of these box but i choose this one because it's less miserable know closer look what we've got

kah kah..broken watch..few cd's, a water heater, pc casing fan and power chord hishkk...these things all useless lah..err..i'm no big fan of jamal come his cd's in my box?? i'll throw them tomorrow for sure hahah..useless..err.. wait..i can't do that..they might be useful in i keep them lah..i wrap the box again and keep it somewhere safe...

then in a few year house would be like the 'besi buruk' shop, but for me it's my precious treasure :P i buy them with my own money mah...not free wooo...

Disgusting film scene ever [according to no good film reviewer]

  1. Over stylish shooting skill [can see them on The Desperado] pheii...make sense a lil bit la..if you about to shoot someone you dont thik to be stylish la..just shoot to kill :P
  2. Banyak cakap shoot...[where the hero oredi caught the crook and about to shoot them..but instead of shooting..the hero keep talking..and talking and talking...aiyah..if you want to shoot..then shoot la..dont talk too much..]
  3. Dying part [can see them mostly on bollywood film] aiyah..if the actor about to die..die la no need banyak cakap lagi..of coz its good to have last word..but not until 10 minute length of speech..then no need to die la...i can call ambulance for you
  4. die hard crook hehe [susah mati la]..where the crook get shoot but cannot die..even after several shoot real life one bullet enaugh to sent ya to your grave lah..idiot.
err...there's lot more lah..i'll continiue if got grandma call me sorry ah..
btw if you ever watch movie and sit next to your ear ah..i'll defenetly whining,cursing,and rattling about no good movie scene hehehe

Movie Talk...

err..old fella also watch movie lah...wat la think old fella only know how to work work work until die kah?

Ok la..been watching The Departed just now...itssssss suckkkkk for Martin scorsese film ,i was always a big fan of this man (encik scorsese lah) his way of directing always turn me on ,his film mainly on betryal, mystery,mafia and all tht stuff come dicaprio been shot on his head and die just like that???(die just like pig been slaughter egegeeg) he's the hero right..erghhh...not fair..lemme become director lah next time, but ok least this film not bullshiting u with stylish shooting skill, continious firing without running out of bullet, ( many bullet u can load in single gun?? but some movie just showing the hero firing non stop without even load his weapon phuiii...even darjah 3 kid pun tau)

err..ok la no more movie review for no good reviewer anyhow hahaha sorry encik martin if i offend you...i tot this would be like my all time favourite movie ( of them la) The Goodfellas this one real good shud watch it lah..

btw .. old film one?? with all that cgi trick..cheh...i can do that all the supahero who wear their spendex outside..go die la ahahhahaah...ok ok stop...its getting ridiculous oredi

maybe i'll review more movie next time

nothing to do with the title just cross my mind so i write it..


no hp...uwaa...

working night shift (jadi kelawar)

so no update lah..

er...try listening to Rossa-Aku Bukan Untukmu .. phew..melelah air liur (lagu utk mendodoikan aku masa tidur siang-siang buta na na na na....)

i'm too young to achive the title 'grandpa' keh keh keh..but i am. i have 7 grandchild oredi heeh [and counting] the oldest is 4 yrs come? i'm not even married..but got grandchild oredi.. no lah xtualy it's my niece and nephew's child..consider my grandchild's lah kan..

one of my grandchild [a cute 3yrs old girl] having dinner with us last friday...she was running around the table and keep yelling 'atuk..atuk...' to me adei...malu sia...many ppl in the restaurant that nite and keep looking at me as if i'am real 'atuk looks' ehhehe im still young lah..

but it's ok la..its kinda cool mah become 'atuk' at the age of 28 mehehe...

so i gave her candy and say "dont call me atuk me,abang..abang hensem and i'll give you more candy" kekek...old trick..but it doest work lah..she just keep yelling "ATUK !! ATUK!! to me herghh... :P

yeah yeah..its defenetly the biggest but not the cheapest :P..

LYP just rob my pocket for rm 220 buy USB tv tuner hehe...

[PixelView play TV 400 USB]

Its for my laptop im watching tv via need bulky tv set la .. i seldom watch tv but these usb tuner have the video capturing mode .. thats what important to me coz i do VHS converting a lot so these expensive thing is a must ...

i wanted to go to some place xctually and have no intend to go to lyp coz i know when i go there [with plenty of money with me] herghh...rambang mata tgk gadget di sana...and end up being rob [by myself la] beli itu ini,sometime buying thing yang not necessary eheh...gadget freak..thts why i stay away from LYP or IMBI Plaza.

i got lost in kl [hahaha i live here for the past 10yrs but still got lost]...well xctually i'm in search for one place [got the address] i get there but that place seem like not exist adeh..bikin penat apa lagi suda x jumpa tempat tue then i change my direction to LYP the biggest IT mall but not the cheapest hehehe [ if you want cheap go wander around pj..where LYP got their supply] i got N73 for rm1.18k only haha..there in lyp it cost around 1.6-2.1k..

so fella next time you in KL..dont miss LYP [if you're IT gadget geek hehe] dont forget to bring along your C.C .. or just bring plenty of cash lah eheh cheers...coz it's defenetly the biggest but not the cheapest

its been few week kl was raining .. petang seja hujan...wah .. rainy season la ni .. mau pi jalan² pun susah [i dont have car ;P im rubber tapper ma canot afford one]

one thing good is i can sleep tight hehe...last nite is a record .. been sleeping for 12 hrs and 10 minute HAHAHA..[starting from 6pm-6.10am] itu pun sebab kerja baru bangun.. if not then sleep for 2 days la jawabnya.. but yeah..sometime we need extended sleep to refresh our body [not enough sleep la for few week... sometime 3-5 hrs only arghh..]

btw..been reading few post from other blogger

only 14 loves retro too.. i like 70's 80's 90's 00's [betul ka tue hehe]
saiful going to auckland .. bawa sia wei hehe[this guy pun travel alot la...jeles sia]...
flanegan post the tank man .. yeah... i like that too...but why that man [or woman] want to stop the tank??? need a ride kah? erghh..i need more info on this [wah this guy travel to many countries oredi heheeh i've been to malaysia and malaysia and malaysia kekeek]..
julian want to smack car hahaah..besa la tue julian i like it when you say the bigger the car the dumber the driver hahaha..make sense .. just look at the lorry driver, bus driver but kancil turbo also kinda irritating sometime ..
massy post the funny SG Dollar ekeke..i tried it on RM cannot lah... our agong always look cool when i try to fold it like the Sg

ehehe... its always fun to review other ppl blog... cheers :P

err..apologize for my poor grammer and spelling hopefully you can understand every bit of it...xctually i wanted to write in our beloved malay...but it will sounded too offcial then no fun to read...and to write in full engerish hell im no white man [ang-moh] so dont label me as 'language destroyer' or 'perosak bahasa' im only writing what people can accept [to read] mah..even do its only 'pasar language' hehe.. im no graduate, im no white man..i'm no higly educated...but kucoba untuk menjalani kehidupanku dengan penuh keceriaan dan keinsafan pada hari yang mulia ini [ it's sound?? bulih tahan?? then i'll write like this la next time]

and again..ppl dont read blog to study language is'nt? just for fun..or maybe some info..or just to know people..etc etc aiyah blog ku ini telah melarikan diri dari i better stop before bush's administration sue me for messing with engerish language hahahhah...fcuk bush and his associate ... long live rubber tapper go go go !!! (12x)

no pic la i upload this...

[wanted by bush administration]

this only 14 girl ask me my occupation so i think i better blog about that ehhehe... sorry for the joke in the cbox ah ...

you can check my company profile here

so to be honest with ya..i'm not a rubber tapper as i always mention (but wannabe..and will be)..i'm a full time slave of an employee hahaha working as Lab Technician (its Juruteknik Makmal to be accurate) its my 10th years working with this company, started as Machine Operator back in 1996 (started working at the age 17 eheh..x sempat tanam anggur) then promoted as Supervisor for a while (acting) then now as Technician lah..

job function mainly on to perform heavy mettalic contamination check on Silicon semiconductor surface using some secret method (i can't reveal it here as it's company big secret and i can get sued for doing so hehe) but i can guarantee you that we play with acidic meterial a lot (HydroFluoric Acid,Nitric Acid, etc etc ) so dangerous woo...but as we're highly trained to perform such task then its ok lah...

but one thing good about my job is our dress..haha c for you self la ...[its lint free Overall]

[White Ninja In Action] would you wear that outfit for 8 hours a day?? how boout 10 years?? haha..i like it thou..if you fart nobody else smell kah kah la...

so thats pretty much about it... it's not a very intresting job lah..but wat to do..cari makan .. so kena keja betul² la.. my advice is Love Your Job but Not your company...haha...always ask for more if possible..more salary..more anual leave..more increment..more bonus..more and more until they fired you ;P

maybe some nasi lemak seller even richer than me rite now.. im tottaly out of budget..plan to buy 3G phone pun x lepas.. now i'm using old school method to get in contact (by payphone heheh with small book (the 555 book) full with people phone no) yeah...i've used to do so in late 90's and again now..ciess..even the darjah 3 kid pun got shiny handphone.. they even laugh at me using the payphone..whats the matter kid?? never use payphone before?? cieh.. but hopefully can get the handphone next month.. the N93 ahahah here i come... I see, I came, I fart :P

anyway last monday i have my haircut.. hair being cut by some trainee barber (original from India.. canot even speak malay or english..) i sit there nearly 1.5 hours till my hair done wah...mau marah pun x can you piss off with someone who doesnt understand as pure gentleman..i just say thanks .. pay..and time sori la mo pi kedai ko lagi..ko potong la rambut ko sendirik hehe

by the way..kl rainy season la...petang seja hujan...

Tapi miskin² pun still beli some cool gadget hehe...the latest thing that rob my pocket is the EDIFIER E2100 for rm 155 .00 tapi sound puas hati... no need home theater la


  • MDF wood enclosures for the subwoofer
  • Magnetically shielded satellites and subwoofer
  • Front panel controls for Volume, Bass, and Treble adjustments
  • Uses NE5532, one of the best opamps on the market


  • Power output: RMS 8W×2+12W(THD=10%)
  • Signal-to-Noise Rate (Amplifier): >=85dBA
  • Input Impedance:10Kohm
  • Bass driver unit:4" Woofer (106mm), 4 Ohm, magnetically shielded
  • Fullrange Driver:3" Fullrange (78 mm), 4 Ohm, magnetically shielded
  • Power requirement:~220V, 50Hz,30W
  • Dimensions Subwoofer:202(W)×153(H)×278(D)mm
  • Dimensions satellite:89(W)×159(H)×104(D)mm
  • Weight:Approximately 5 Kg

xctually 3rd nov is my birthday :P... im turning 28 .. too young to declare myself as old man special need selebrate just some typical orang kampung who doesnt celebrate it..its just number ma..just be greatfull that im still alive, healthy and still not losing hair hahah...

but what i want to share is..lot of my friend keep asking the bonus question 'bila maw kawin???' yeah...coz typical guy in my age normally have kid oredi (at least that what happen to friend surrounding me) and i just keep saying..'nanti la ada jodoh kawin la ' kindda artist answer :P

yeah..sepa x maw kawin?? of course i do want to marry, but not now la..maybe few years later if god permit..know why? coz i dont want to be just like one of my friend who're married at the early 20's he's always barking on me about his family problem...bini marah la..anak nakal la..duit x cukup la...mentua itu la ini la...yeah yeah..keep me inform on all that..i'll apreciate it..(if you know what i mean)

so conclusion getting married soon and my wife is .. taraaaaaa....

[haha..gothca..xctually this is Nirina Zubir co-star in the indo movie Heart,gosh.what happen to me..i've seen to much indo movie lately...hrmm...latest is this la Heart ]

whoaa..title so funny la i dunno why i write such title..nyway..its quite bz week for i have this desease called notimetowriteanything syndrom.... :P being bz installing my new acer 3680 wahh..damn sungguh...not in my entire life as computer geek (according to massy :P) having such a difficulties to install the damn OS (operasi sistem to be accurate ehehe) i tried all Os starting from win 95 until the latest Win xp with extended security (dunno why it has extended..maybe the person who cracked the cd make his own extended security) but all failed to fire up my new sexy , expensive toys...sometime the window didnt even load..sometime they load but take soooooo long...lagi laju la kura-kura..but i guess that the price to pay when you using pireted SW haha padan muka ku...

So..being sober...once again i just rob my pocket for rm 5++ to buy the original Win XP SP 2 then after installing it i suddenly feel that im 10 yrs younger conclusion ORIGINAL SOFTWARE next need to patch there and there to run pireted SW on your pc ... :P

[me in love already :}]

[acer 3680]

my old pc- bye bye old man..gonna send you to rumah orang² tua ]



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