[ is my foreign beauty hehe]

[restaurant's cat sure know how to beg for foods]

[but some of them meaner :P, anti social i guess]

all taken with my N70 phones...huhuh...aint them cute...

new kapla

i wake up early...and i just remember that today was my off day haha...ceh...rugi bangun awal²..then i couldn't sleep i figured, changing my kapla banner would be a good idea hhehe...

and i did...ughh...morning refreshment :P

i heard something noisy from my roof...when i take a look, this is what i saw...haha..a birdie :P crow?? er..not crow..its pigeon maybe..but why yellow beaks?? arghh...maybe comes from diff species heeheh...

[argg..pic taken in a hurry...just point, zoom and clicks...when i checked the setting,its in macro mode hahah]

p/s-did some research on the net bout this birds, and result turn as this bird actually comes from Burung Tiung (Mynah) species hehehe [scientific name-Acridotheses tristis ] very 1st camwhore session with the Lumix...heheh...old fella hav own style when it comes to camwhoe...


  • i'll blog tomorrow
  • im sleepy
  • i've just submitted my resign letters today... :P and 28 Feb would be my last days as Japanese slave :P
  • so looks like my very 1st new year resolution will be fulfilled horrayyy....
  • arghh..gila suda kali...mana ada orang rasa gumbira berhenti kerja ceh...


An experiments hahah...thats all i can do while im on night shift [working]...coz on daylights i spent all day sleeping like over bloated python :P

so these are the pic taken with DOF flanegan said on his blog meheheh...ah..its sucks...and im quite ashamed to show u NVM lah..amateurs, what more to say...and i learn a lessons, DON'T take picture behind glass..see the pixelated effects?? thts the glass [my windows]


ahh...and these are the trees i mention, just outside my window..and my full time victim to become snapping subjects heheh since im too lazy to go out and snap some picture hhehe...
[taken with my old Pentax and edited with freeware editor] and i dont hav photoshop :P


all these a 'darjah 3' kid punya pictures hehe...sorry :P i'll show some real picture soon, if possible lah...if im not busy packing my things for 'balik kampung'

argh...the title so mean...anyway just got my payslips last nite...and since its my last payslip, i dont mind to reveal it here...hehe note that, i knew most people don't like to reveal their payslip or income statement...well, me too. but since its got anything to do with the title so here it is...

yups...adding up to my transportation allowance of rm400..tht would make it 3xxx or something heheh...

well, its not for show up purposes, i know its common numbers for someone with diploma or a degree or some [even more numbers, i knew], but for a spm leaver like me?? ahaha..its just too good to let go...[at least when i applied for this job, im using my spm qualification lah eheh]

so what its got to do with the title u ask?? ah..if u read my previous entry..i was always ranting and talking bout resigning to this position and go home town and become rubber tapper hahahah..ain't it stupidity?well, maybe much u can earn from rubber tapping?? rm 800 a month? rm1k a month? well i heard someone in Kelantan earn 8k a month from rubber tapping alone..but that was the time when the price is rocketing [rm 5/kg] and as u know its price will drop according to global rate...

so letting go of steady income for a 'not so sure' income..yeah thats me haha...

ok, so giv me a few month..then we'll know whether its pure guts or total stupidity, but anyone with such decision must have other 'unknown plan' hehe..including me..but thts for me to keep as a secret..well everybody need one lah enjoy ur earnings for this month .. happily :P

p/s-im broke oredi,thts why im blogging hahahah....


  • on night shift :P blurr...
  • no idea to blog
  • no subject to snap photos
  • and its PAYDAY hahahah...
  • so see u when im broke..i'll be bz spending my whole salary on nonsense items and goodies :P
  • note that this gonna be my last salary ; i wanna enjoy it to the fullest kh akha khahaa
p/s - and completing part of my hobby..reading other's blog and spamming their comment box or shout box ahahah...sabar seja la massy :P

playing with actual 'Macro' mode...but far from subject..these pic were taken just outside my room's window [1.5m]...haha..who need to go far far away to take pic when the object is just infront of ur room :P

[The yellow leaves]

[a national geography photographer wannabe-a trial to capture some insect,but the stupid insect ran away before i can focus on it hehe...stupid insects]

hell...the 'professional wannabe' couldnt stop take pic lately hehe...dont know why :P

[Razali us how to wash hands before eating :P]

[uhaa...hungry oredi?? typical malay dish....]

haha...dont worry folks...i'm only turning this blog into photoblog for few days hhehe..then back to my typical style..

Macro Shoots

another photo shoots outing plans died, hehe blame the Rains, actually Putra Perdana is not raining today, but i fall asleep and forgot bout the plans :P

and today, finally i hav a chance to read some blogs, [few days bz] keep on blogging fellow blogger...don't be afraid of Lawsuits hehehe

and i managed to capture the moments of my thumb, as Kay requested :P..using macro mode [oppss...not macro, i set it to 'M', pathetically, 'M' doesn't stand for macro-its stand for 'manual exposure'] but the photo still looks clear haha..malas mo amik lagi...

[my girlish thumb -pardon the scars- 3cm from the lens]

uh....speaking of my thumb [and other fingers too],according to my friend, it doesn't belongs to some farmer [he meant tht, my fingers is not farmers finger type],is it? and according to him, farmers finger must have flat end, [due to hard labour works],while mine was tapered...huhu..whatever, im still very much a farmers, even tho' i dun have flat end fingers...

yeahaaa...another 35 days to retirement, here i come farm...

Huh...its raining..not in Putra Perdana where i live, but somewhere else :P so i just snap photo around where i live plan is Bukit Jalil [got nice view there] but since its raining and i dun hav car, so maybe next time..and else, this is just photo shoot testing need to take it seriously..just playing wit it.

[ermm...not bad cloud,sky, some buildings, and trees haha its boring landscape but thts all i can afford to snap :P]

[also not bad...but its cloudy ...its raining whee]

[well another cloud, in two dimension, cloudy and clear, this is selangor at this time some part raining and some part shining :P-its original photoshop]

[well, also good for taking fast moving cars, so can take pictures of a snatcher easily]

[aso good for takings some Indon with his 3310 phones hehehe..-no la, thts my friend there acting busy-a sabahan bruneian :P]

[and the smiley pig fall in love with the Lumix oredi]

so, thts pretty much about it, my 1st shoot with this cut-throat expensive toys..knowing that the photo quality is acceptable [ not as good as dslr tho'] with its price, and also the cameraman itselfhimself is a cocky beginners and still don't understand what AE,WB,MACRO,SHUTTER,APERTURE etc etc is all the end, yeah..the 'Investment' worthy :P, who knows somedays i can make some money with it,but first have master the skills la :P

ahaha..its not dslr lah..its 'baby' no not dslr again, its prosumer The Panasonic LumixDMFC-FZ7

pheww...after scouting IOI Mall for awhile, looking for dslr [eventhough i cant afford em] and few testing on them and some semi-DSLR finally i decided that i can only afford the RM 1499 lumix [after CNY discount, orig price RM 1799]

well, I'm too sleepy to blog bout it now, hopefully its not raining tomorrow for some photo shooting test. I cant do that now, since my new battery need to charge for about 8 have to wait lah :P

as i told ya, this new found hobby is killing me hehe...overall cost is RM 1598 with spare battery and it comes with a tripod, 1Gb of SD Card and a bulky casing bag. So i might be bz for these few days playing with my new expensive,sexy toys...

ptuihh..heheh ada hati mau beli dSLR, yeah thts me :P eventho', long time ago i was an amateur photographer for weddings and such, but i never really have an experience in it...nor to know any good tht time, as long as it produce picture, i called it camera hahah [eh..thts right maa..]

[my current digicam, the penis opps pentax]

i use to have some Kodak film camera [very traditional one] but since its already obsolete, so i bought a new DIGITAL cam, the pentax optio 30, consider as 2nd entry level camera [ as i read on the net lah] or better known as consumer i know, [aso from reading some info] camera divided into few categories..[pls right me if im wrong yea]
  • 1st level - the point and shoot camera, no manual control or whatsoever, just point and shoot [very cheap one]
  • 2nd level - consumer camera - well a quite decent camera with few control [average price]
  • prosumer - its the closest to professional photography [expensive price]
  • The dSLR - the single lens reflex-ah anyone knows this hehe...but me :P [price cut throat aahaha]
so I'm in level 2 now, and now I'm aiming to have my hand on dSLR, but once i read some reviews and some forums regarding to dSLR, i guess i'll just have to forget it, or shall i say 'postponed' my ambition to have one :P

The price is killing me, i guess, i'll go for the prosumer level, so anyone? care to give some tips on what to buy [with price list la hehe] coz i have tight budget [rm 1500 and above] god..this newly found hobby is killing me, lets blame flanegan for his super-vivid picture heheeh-jk flanegan :P

  • i was hungry just now and running like hell to get some food at nearby restaurant [my regular kitchen ;P]
  • when i get there, its packed with hungry ppl, so i ordered the waitress to 'tapaw' my food
  • wait and wait and wait almost 1/2 hours *sigh... im a regular to them, im 'everyday face' to the restaurant but today they treat me like im some illegal immigrant i guess..
  • 1/2 hours waiting is no big deal maybe, but consider that its about to rain and the place is 'open space' and no place to take shelter if its raining,and they still keep this 'regular face' waiting alala...hell la ...i know lots of ppl there waiting for their food but at least have some sympathy for skinny hungry poor boy like me [muahah]
  • but in the end, the same waitress approach me in a hurry and ask apologize for being late and say that too many costumer a lil bit late she said...
  • well...typical me, i just say "its ok, i understand" smile, pay and leave hhahaha...but cursing inside @#$%^^&** hehehe... just nagging ;P


my father,
Ganggang Gabriel Kombonun

he is gone for 7 years now, i remembered once he said this in front of us in some family gathering, "dont worry, i still can make it to years 2000" he said...of course with some humor. But, what i didn't expected is, 2 weeks after years 2000 he has passed away peacefully on account of old age. this photo here taken just 2 weeks before he passed away...and its among the pic i treasure the most

i cant say he is the greatest dad in the world, but he definitely is a good and responsible father

May God bless him and his soul rest in peace

to become rich, aint it everybody's dream? to have big cars, big house, few hundred acres of land, few own brand products and few wife ehehe...

long time ago, when i was young [at least] ehehe...i was obsessed with it, i do just about everything just to become typical young and innocence boy who just started on working, money is just about everything in my mind...

I do overtime at work, part time jobs, selling MLM stuff, small business, the only thing i didn't do is robbery i guess heheh...

lets see what are the kind of business that I've done just to become rich

  • Burger stall - Ulu Kelang - 1997
  • Gambling slot machine or better known as ' Kedai Kuda' - Ulu kelang - 1997
  • Car wash - Ulu kelang-1998
  • Electronic workshop [in house] - Pusat Bdr Puchong-2000
  • Videographer-freelance for weddings, private function, etc etc [even porn haha ok kidding] -Bukit Lanchong, Shah alam- 2002
  • in house multimedia [dubbing, printing, piracy]-Bukit lanchong, Shah Alam-2003
  • Cyber cafe + Computer workshop - Putra Perdana, Puchong-2003
  • Selling MLM - mobile prepaid - 2005
see....there's lot of others that i cant list here for safety purposes, cause, as a materialistic person i do just about anything to become rich heheh...[but none of them is a crime- i can assure you]

but in the end, none of those things I've done, make me any richer, instead it make me getting even poor because of the losses i have to bear when it doesn't go as i planned...see, all of things need some capital you now, and it drained every penny i got heheh

Now I'm just a fella...i didn't do any of these business anymore..instead, I'm focusing on saving all my earnings from working. I've learned that even though, my previous efforts doesn't make any progress, but i believe I've learned a things or two from it.

and i believe, someday, I'll make some comeback into business world but in a very different perspective that i cant reveal here.

and of course to become a YB [ a good one hehe]

ahaha...sorry for the title, but i couldn't resist to write something annoying after reading julian's post regarding to flood conditions in sabah, for those who doesn't know what Pilak stand for, its a title for illegal Filipino immigrants in sabah :P [pilak mean a dime or a shilling in their language] and of course, they were called so because of their 'muka sepuluh sen' type of ppl heehe.

you can see lots of them wandering around every major town in sabah, all across the state, known for their trademark of selling 'rokok hanyut' [smuggled cigarette] and 'bahai' [plastic bag], but lately they're also known to be an expert 'teksi sapu' driver, can see lots of teens [without driving licence-at least valid licence] 'taksi sapu' driver along Pekan Inanam, Menggatal and Telipok.

but if you really want to see how they look like in their own community, welcome to Telipok. Telipok was among the largest settlement of illegal immigrant in sabah, i know for sure, because i grew up there, and first of all we're the 'pure' locals there.

but now, telipok is conquered by these illegal immigrants, The Telipok wet market for example, the locals do business inside it, and pay for its rent, while the pilaks acting like the market was their father's belongings and selling their own goods just in front of the market entrance without even pay a and there is nothing we can do bout it because in Telipok the locals are out-numbered by the so called 'legendary' pilaks and the local authority you say??? haha...can only hope for them ...

and another thing is the parking lot. Long time ago, the locals in Telipok have the comforts to park wherever they like [of coz in parking lot lah hehe],but now, 80% of the parking lot there were 'owned' by those damn PTI, you cant even parked you car as you like, or else some of the 'samseng' pilaks will ask you to move to another spot. Isn't annoying?? the foreigners giving order to us, the locals??

well, no need to rant too much about it, coz anyone in sabah knows the situation and i bet none of them would like to see that one day sabah will become 'pilaks state', and to hell with all the 'pandai cakap saja' YBs..thats why i didn't vote, not because i don't believe in democracy but because i don't believe the one who bears it...all the CORRUPTED YBs knows how to talk-talk-talk only, like that i can be a YB too...i bet cha...most of them wants to become YB just for their own sake of interests, only a few of them really care about the peoples...

so I'll putting a new ambitions, to become YB hahah...ok..enough of tht crap...

  • so sorry folks, i cant blog for these few days, on account of overly depressed, mind confused, heart broken into pieces and a deep frustration
  • so we see when the weather is clear....
  • peace ..


why such title u ask??? ehhe...look at the pic below...

erhh...of course u know what 'red notice' is ehhe...thats the reason of me not blogging yesterday..the red papers are disconnection notice and the green one are re-connection notice..

its all our faults, but at least the power cut-off only last for 1 days, coz i managed to pay it instantly although its pain riding my 'old horse' 25km to TNB Bangi, from where i lives.[payment due= rm195...ahh..'koyak'...]

living with no electricity reminds me of my childhood,[we'll blog about that later]

but we never really learn the lessons thou' see, this is the 2nd time our electricity was cut-off by TNB, and to add up to this story, our water supply aso being cut-off 4 times last year haha...[not our fault actually, the landlord didn't pay the maintenance fees, so the developer will cut our water supply to force ppl to pay, ain't it cruel?? hehe]

but to make it worst, im the only one willing to clear and to settle all these mess,even though i live in this house with 4 other housemate..useless housemate, think im a slave?? herghh...but i didn't really care bout that, they're my old friend no...we know each other for more than 10years..friendship is more important...hehe...and you know what, in this house i'm the youngest [eventhou' im old] but im the one who gives order im acting as 'ketua kampung' like that...

so i wanna rest, war with the mosquito last night is killing body full with 'red dots' = the mosquito love bites hehe...

so folks dont forget to pay ur bills, or the TNB will have its revenge on you...walaaa...

ayoyo...i feel like vomiting, thanks to the 'english grammar made simple' books, i have been reding it for few days now, and as results, it didn't made my english getting any simple, haha..have to finish reading it first lah, although my sight blurry and my head dizzy but, i'll read it just like an innocent school boy :P

so i didnt feel like wanna blog today, so i'll just paste some email for ur readings heheh..[ its 2 years old email from who knows who :P]

Reasons why the English language is so hard to
1) The bandage was wound around the wound.
2) The farm was used to produce produce.
3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more
4) We must polish the Polish furniture.
5) He could lead if he would get the lead out.
6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the
7) Since there is no time like the present, he
thought it was time to
present the present.
8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.
9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.
10) I did not object to the object.
11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid.
12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to
13) They were too close to the door to close it.
14) The buck does funny things when the does are
15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer
16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow
to sow.
17) The wind was too strong to wind the sail.
18) Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a
19) I had to subject the subject to a series of
20) How can I intimate this to my most intimate

Let's face it - English is a crazy language. There
is no egg in
eggplant nor ham in hamburger; neither apple nor
pine in pineapple.
English muffins weren't invented in England or
French fries in
France Sweetmeats are candies while sweetbreads,
which aren't sweet,
are meat.

We take English for granted. But if we explore its
paradoxes, we find
that quicksand can work slowly, boxing rings are
square and a
guine >pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig.
And why is it that
writers write but fingers don't fing, grocers don't
groce and hammers
don't ham. If the plural of tooth is teeth, why
isn't the plural of
booth beeth?

One goose, 2 geese. So one moose, 2 meese? One
index, 2 indices?
Doesn't it seem crazy that you can make amends but
not one amend? If
you have a bunch of odds and ends and get rid of all
but one of them,
what do you call it?

If teachers taught, why didn't preachers praught? If
a vegetarian
eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?
Sometimes I think all
the English speakers should be committed to an
asylum for the
verbally insane. In what language do people recite
at a play and play
at a recital?

Ship by truck and send cargo by ship? Have noses
that run and feet
that smell? How can a slim chance and a fat chance
be the same, while
a wise man and a wise guy are opposites? You have to
marvel at the
unique lunacy of a language in which your house can
burn up as it
burns down, in which you fill in a form by filling
it out and in
which an alarm goes off by going on.

English was invented by people, not computers, and
it reflects the
creativity of the human race (which, of course,
isn't a race at all).
That is why, when the stars are out, they are
visible, but when the
lights are out, they are invisible.

How about when you want to shut down your computer
you have to hit start.

i did my new year shopping quite late eh...:P [blame the Japanese company that i worked for, for causing me to work 12 hrs] that's why i don't have time to go shopping, even thou' i have quite plenty of money in my pockets hahah...

ahh...lets see what we got here...

[haha...i bet my grammar would be better after this...if i'm not fall asleep during reading this]

[aha...and a freebies...for that books..well, i don't know whats inside it, but i like the model thou']

[got some cheap 2nd handphone for my girl friend - she lost her phone during xmas phehe, dont give anything expensive to your GF - she wont treasure it hehe]

[err..this one??...i didnt bought these...its a package for i made for my GF phones, have to ship it via poslaju to somewhere in malaysia- no need fancy packaging phone mah.. hhehe]

so overall, i spent around rm300 today :P erghh.. i just cant resist the buying temptation pls god..let me have some saving in my accounts eeheh

uhu...i cant stand to write proper english...hhehe..not that i didn't tried it before, and furthermore, some of my guru's say that, i can actually write good in English if i want to, but i never did, hehe...well, that's just the way i am, im 'the shy underdog' who just cant stand all the formal thingy :P

Anonymous said...
"In order to master the English language, you have to write properly in full sentences and
correct spelling. Cut out the abbreviations until you are comfortable with the language. "

This is some of the comment i have received lately, although this comment are from unknown source, but i will try to practice writing in full sentences ...

but, i guess i will lost some of my fun here, since, from beginning, i didn't care much about my writings, that's just the way i folks lets practice and practice :P

p/s-i tend to wake up early around 4am lately, i don't know whether it is something got to do with some sickness symptom, or its just a malfunction to my sleeping order, so here i am, blogging early in the morning, but good though, so i can perform my morning prayer...

my theme for this blog suppose to be about kampungs life..but as u can see, i dont hav any post regarding to my theme...all this time its only about my crappy life here hehe...but thats about to change in 2 month [at least]

you see, i can go talk and and talk and talk bout kampung life, but one thing missing, will be the picture, yes , many ppl go by the 'see to believe' saying....and i cant go telling story without any evidence of what im trying to tell isnt?

so fella, hold on there with my post :P it wont be boring anymore sometimes soon...will be having lots of "aramaiti" picture, nature and wild animal my kampung got anymore of these wild animal u ask?? squirrel,rats, err, [consider wild la] and many more to come...i'll be the next 'crocodile hunters' kampungan version hahah...

so...if u ask, which lifestyle i prefer, the urban life or the kampungan life, err..u know the answer hahah..yups..big city is not for me, i forced myself to live the life that i dont like just to gain some life experience, so that i can go back someday to live where i belongs...and improve the quality of kampung men :P

as u know, tht kampung-man often associated with poverty, outdated, narrow-minded, illiterate kinda might be true for some part of it, but we're changing, and we're trying very hard to improve ourself, thts why lots of kampung man migrate to big city to improve their life quality, and hopefully they dont forget their roots and their responsibility for the other villagers...

as for me...i didnt say that i was 100% perfect these days [heck..nobody perfect aite?]..but at least now im in better condition, and im ready to continue life as kampung man hahah...

and last nite i was watching Majalah-3 [our local tv3], about japanese kampungman hehe...u didnt expect japan also got kampungman meh?? hehe..but they're far advance farmers u know...and it inspired me to become just like them, and somehow, they started just like the local kampungan, all with bare hand..

ow...and today was my sleeping day...been sleeping 12hrs [revenge for 12hrs working] HAHAHA


  • finally..hav sometime to read blogs..
  • but i dont hav any idea to blog hehe
  • been working 12 hrs for this few days
  • we call it a rest lah...
  • as for my new year work less..and to relax more wheee....
  • er..anybody care to tutor me to speak in english?? ha ha u can see, i might be writing in english, [no worries, we got the magic book, the Malay-English dictionary] but im too shy to speak in english..
  • everytime i wanna speak in ingilis...i felt like somethin sticking in my tongue hehe...berbelit-belit sia cakap..kalah Bill Gates :P
  • i only have courage to speak in english with some bangla or some mynmar fella coz some of them cant hardly speak in malay and i know they speak english as crap as me :P
  • wut?? go to english class?? er..too costly lah friend...some more i dun hav time, [stingy lah katakan :P]
  • but i guess, since its "visit malaysia year" it is important for me to start learning speaking in ingilies....who knows, some lost tourist might ask me some silly question, and i dont wanna answer with the familiar yet popular magic words = "tidak tahu" or "who knows" hehe...
  • orite .. my bedtime..adios amigos...nite nite nite ... zzzz

im sleepy massy said...lazy mode = ON yea hehehe..i know what she mean, because im on night shift lah...

so as usual, before going back home, i'll drop by to some mamak's to have my breakfast, and during waiting for my order i see this.. might think, what this guy try to tell ya?? its just normal seeing bird feeding mah...never see one before kah???..ehee...of coz i've seen animal feeding..

my points is, how good the world could be if all the people live like those see, the birds all came from different species, colour, and size, but they all can have their meal in harmony, in same place without even quarrel for its food, nor its territory...think about that...

sometime animal are even better than human, but that doesn't mean that i wanted to be an animal, im grateful that god created me as human so that i can enjoy this temporary life to its fullest, and grateful that im "human enough" these days, on account of life experience...

gee...whats the matter with me? getting soft oredi kah?? hehe..ok la, end of philosophy for today...nite folks...


aha..the title tells it all i mess up wit my template again :P, luckily i hav some very little knowledge about "how to make love" tags...and it help me to re-attach my missing blog "head" and the cbox too...i found out that the doesnt allow refresh..ahh..lousy one..sorry for anyone who tag me on :P

im working nite shift now, been working 12hours lately coz too many staff taking leave, leaving me wounded and bleed running the japanese machinery hehe, but its ok being generous on my last-last minute working with this company..doing O.T wat...12 hours would be triple pay hahaha -kayo pakcik-,

well ok la..cannot post any longer, my eyes getting very-very-very sleepy and i couldnt resist my call of nature to sleep...nite everybody hahahah.... :P

2006 revival

  • i finally made up my mind to resign [subject to change]
  • the only year that i feel like orang kaya making 3 times visit to home town [jan, may,aug] yo..and its all takes 2 week yuhuu...
  • sold my car this last year, and bought some bedford pickup [old-rusty-nasty]
  • i thought this last year is breaking record for changing handphone frequency, i tot i've change almost 20 hp this year, ranging from all brand..and end up with slow-as-turtle-n70 [love it anyhow]
  • i manage to gain 15kg, with the help of some weight gainer and some hard-gainer tips.
  • i finally reach my saving target [after 10+year of working] now i can resign hehhe...[how much?? dont ask-i can say enough la heeh]
  • and the all time revival for 2006 is...all this year IM SINGLE this year can start flirting la [not because im too ugly, that nobody want me...its just because i need to save some money, as u know, if u hav women around you, money flows like klang river hehee...and it is for preparation to resign as well-i mean the saving la]

so..thts just about it, other than that, nothing much happen this last year, i tot this just fun to do, since evelibodi is doing so...


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