let me start with all the delicious delicacy...muhah...fried chicken, udang kari, sotong goreng..siakap 3 rasa muaha, some vege and warm syrup...WARM?? huhuh...hav to take own ice lah :P..it was held at our company cafeteria nyway..

im not the photographer tht day so they forgot to take picture while we're eating...hehe..after we ate everything [but the plate, table n chair lah] only then they remembered to take pic...
so here my boss...[Head of Section] tell story about how good i am [muhehe...] no la he just giving some words on behaf of my fellow co-worker for me...all the nice n good words lah kan :P..but look at me..muka 10sen likethat ehhe..

then came the time massy hav been waiting for to see me cry...my own few words , well, it really is few word because it only take less than a minute to finish all my speech..darn..how good i am at speeching ehheeh and mind u..the woman is my Head of Deparment and the guy on her left is my Manager huhuha..the other guy is my ex-head of section, and the two faceless [meheh] is my 'kamching' friend...work-mate lah

heck..not only that i didnt cry, sempat lagi make few silly jokes [im always good when it comes to PR] mehehe...look like its work a lil bit lah eheh...they do laugh isit..

then a gift for me...THANK YOU !! thats all i can say...[mum!! finally i got present!!]

then here i can use Saifulrizan's quote
"To the girls that have been broken hearted by me, sorry my ladies, I cannot stop the temptation to be single, handsome and always available."

Then finally ..the group photo...err...im not tht tall,its because they're too short hehe joking ..its joke hehe..but this photo here is meaningful for me, i've been wit them all this years, and now im leaving...
for all of you...theres no words i can say anymore...may God bless us and i will not forget all of you for the rest of my life
[unless something happen to my brain lah eheh]

so..thts pretty much bout it..and conclusion is, its fun and enjoyable moment for a farewell lunch,but deep down inside its full of tears covered by my fake smiles :P

i'll attend my own farewell lunch tomorrow..eh..today lah, so i'll be bz preparing my farewell speech..muheheh...i cant never imagine myself doing farewell speech..and now im preparing for it [feel like making speech for grammy award winner ja :P]

but for sure, i'll make it as dramatic as it can be, to tell u the truth, i have weak heart [not sakitjantung lah hehe], im soft hearted muhehe... and i dun wanna cry during my speech tomorrow :P but if i do so, its ok mah..i wont lose any of my balls by crying :P

i've seen ppl making farewell speech before and it is quite hard i can see, some of them even cry :P but i promise u, i wont, :P im too handsome to cry ..

but i know it will be a full emotional moments, as i am one of their favourite friend around [as i can sense lah] because i've always treat everyone nicely, i dun bitcin on anyone and most of all i can mix with plenty of ppl around me :P and i was always friendly and willing to help them on any matter pertaining to job nor other stuff include material thing hehe..u know lah ... [now im puji diri sendiri hehehe] but its true , thts why i can stand working here for more than 10yrs..its all about good relationship among us :P

hua..so how im gonna start my speech? by crying..oh no...

New Toys

I bought another Laptop yesterday. Got it for RM 1600 at LYP huhuh...but its not for me, its for my mentally abusive elder brother hehe..no la, but he ask me to buy it using my money 1st then he'll pay me later...
the Compaq Presario 2100, its not new, its refurbish, eh no lah its secohand hand...quite pain in the ass for installing new SW on it :P.. anyway its Celeron 2.0G, 256Mb of ram, 20GB of Hdisk and weigh a tonne muahah...kidding..but its sure heavy..maybe 3 kgs i guess...my Acer weigh at 1.9kg only

lots of issue regarding to this brand [i read it after i purchased it damnn..] but i oredi bought it so i have to deal wit it hehe..if i knew it before then why the hell i wanna buy it? but i did solve most of the problem..except one which is, when u 1st turn it on, the first click of the mouse on any desktop ikon will delete [attempt] it, hav to press 'esc' before answer 'no' damnn...

but its ok tho..hehe..im not the one using it, its my bro lah, sepa suruh beli yang murah² heheeh..now i feel like 'orang kaya' having 2 laptops in my 'mini office' muahhaha...

ahh..and i woke up early..around 4am...felt like rubber tapper oredi, but its ok, hav to train myself to wake up early..since im going to be full time orang kampung...they wake up early allright :P

Im gonna miss this 'mini office' so i'd better take picture of it hehe...
<span class=

this aint for sale :-p ...
<span class=

back view...
<span class=
naa..i just warming up my Pentax, since i've got my hand on the Lumix, i seldom touch it anymore..so it sitting here in my room sound and safe...a bit dusty lah..so hav to warm it from time to time to extend it lifetime :P

if u ask where is my Lumix photo? heheeh...im too shy to show it to u..im still in a process to improve my photography skill :P, its all about reputation tho' you've seen most of my stupid pic lately heheh...1 week to retirement weheee...


die ...huhuhu....i feel like dying :P im having this since last nite adeh..macam mo makan orang seja ku rasa...cuba ku makan ni keyboard, nampak sedap pula klu time sakit gigi damnnnn...anybody pls kick my mouth :P

hoho..its good that i've time to watch movie on this busy week :P..another DiCaprio movie [i've watched The Departed last month] and altho' Blood Diamond is much better than The Departed, the thing is, both movie killed DiCaprio at the end of story chehhhh..chehhh..and cheh...buat penat seja tgk...but its ok..its just story mah, DiCaprio aint dead yet..its just script :P
<span class=
and the thing is, i really shud stop posting stoopid picture on my blog heheh...or else massy will attack me with spoons and spans hehehe

the cd photos taken with simple mode [the love sign lah] all auto hehe..malas mo setting-setting and the palm is mine ..hehe..and the DVD are not pirated one lah..its just an unauthorised copy..not pirated hehehe...

btw..i spent 3 days to finish watching this movie ;P 30min per day..thts all i can afford to waste my time watching crappy movies

I tried to be an Artistic Photographer...but i end up wondering where's the artistic value of this picture muhaha...pls..if u do sense some artistic value here, do tell me coz im confused myself , if not then let us pray to God tht i shall be more artistic next time
naaa...just kidding, im only testing the maximum zoom ability of my Lumix FZ7 ..[20 x digital ] i seldom use the digital zoom because it can be done with software, i even turn it off heeh...waste of battery only :P

ah..life quite flat these few days, night shift...wat can u do? Batman at night, and Python on daylight heheh...it was raining just now..with thunder lighting effect, God must be playing sound system with THX Dolby Stereo then...

Busy Week

huhu..i tend to take stooopid picture lately..dunno la...stupidity eating me from inside i guess :P, sorry for tht hair, i hav no plan for haircut at this moment..let em grow a bit long before i shave em hehe...let my ex laugh over me...u can laugh now..go ahead!!
ah..i hate being busy..but 8 days to retirement, i got to settle just about everything...addresses, bank info, legal info huhuh...i dun wanna be a missing person to the Bank, coz im gonna need them later

i hate it, it cut down my sleeping time, my blogging time and it drains my energy [come on spare me..im getting old, hehe]

and all my friends asking for farewell party...wut?? u think i've got money to waste on u all? solly hehe...but the truth is, i hate farewell, i hate to attend any...and mostly my own farewell party...ah..give them money and ask them to arrange one lah, with my absence of course [becoz i hate it] i hate to say good bye...

yeah..its raining again...lemme sleep once again haha..farewell lah to u all :P

arg...ran out of time to blog hehehe....

I'm on night shift, i was deeply asleep, and dreaming of some unclear dreams when I'm awaken by raindrops from my window straight to my face damn!!!..i forgot to close the window, and i knew its gonna rain

then i just remembered tht i placed my Lumix near to tht window, and as fast as Superman i woke up and grab tht expensive camera away, luckly its not getting wet or i'll be damn!

so ..I'm hungry..but cannot go outside since its still raining...huhuh...erg..wheres my tit-bits then heheeh...

nah here is a song for u...i like this song tho' i heard it 1st time when i watch the old movie [classic western] titled-Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid eheh...

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothin' seems to fit
Those raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

So I just did me some talkin' to the sun
And I said I didn't like the way he got things done
Sleepin' on the job
Those raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

But there's one thing I know
The blues they send to meet me won't defeat me
It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
Cryin's not for me
'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
Because I'm free
Nothin's worryin' me


It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
Cryin's not for me
'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
Because I'm free
Nothin's worryin' me

err..do u know the Indon Drama series [showed on TV3, well the series finish oredi] and guess how popular its is, according to verdict, the drama series watched by over 2 million viewer in Malaysia huhuh...now my housemate [whos a big fan of the series],got his 'Bawang' fever !! look at this pic muahha...
tht is a garlic and an onion huhuh....

Another Onion...

and a garlic

tht pot is mine actually, i've used to plant chillies back then but got frustrated when the chillis produce only 1 chili after 3 month of hardworking watering them heheh...farmer would be farmer !!, i'll keep planting even if theres no solid ground...

now my friend took it, since i've abandoned it for long time and showing his 'bawang' fever by planting both 'bawang merah' and 'bawang putih' huhu...

Gatal tangan

damn! i tried to customized my template into 3 column but everything turn messy ahaha..i've lost every html/java code on my previous template, so revert to ori template,then have to dig all code again ceh..waste of time...

this is what happen when the 'sot-sot programmer' gatal tangan muhehe...sorry, i've lost my sanity too :P

so short entry today, no time to blog hehe...

p/s-updated hahah...malas mo buat post baru..so this is the layout tht i'll use at this moment, ples lemme know if anything look funny, or the colour hurts ur eyes hehe...i dun wanna be blamed if somebody got blind on account of staring at my blog hehe...looks ok to me, no harm kiddo hehe


So..im ok today..a guy wont mourned tht long over his past *thehe...so i decided i need a lil joyride wit my good friend Lazali oppss...Razali a sabahan tycoon driving 850cc kancil hehe...
<span class=
so we fuel up his kancil, and go 'ronda-ronda' around our housing area, chit-chat, talk bout old story...bitching , smoking [no drinking lah] listen to music hehe...[no, im not turning into gay..but he is my old friend u know....and whos better to accompany u when blues strikes?..nah..]

<span class=
took pic with my N70,...ah..some random view of Tmn Putra Perdana...im gonna miss this place, im leaving....

<span class=
the park...where i used to go dating...chit chat only hahah...no 'ringan-ringan' im religious u know hahahah...ok

sunset?? no, not yet...

finally...err...what expression is that? hungry? depressed? frustrated? 'mo teberak'? i dun even know...random i guess :P

so we headed home, and stright to my pc

its been raining again..Good news on Valentine day...
good..even the world cried over me..cause i've been dumped on valentine day..good...!! for whatever reason...i'll accept her apology, even if she didn't do so...

massy..thanks for the song..im gonna need it huhuhukkk....

*listen to this music..thts how i feel...[u didnt understand it? me too, thts exactly how i feel, i dun understand anything bout this situation except 'Good Bye']

ahh...bosan...tido lagi bagus...

my bro ask if i could buy him new laptop..huhuh..kasi ccm kono coz his pay kena hold due to transfer huhuhuhkkk....macam sia kaya mengalahkan Datuk K...but nvm...im younger bro..so hav to obey older bro..nvm u all bully me..pity me..im broke oredi..so anyone willing to sell their laptop for 1K?? hehe...

err...im looking for below 2k laptop..any suggestion? huhuh...kasi dia laptop murah² seja la..bukan pandai pakai juga hahah....

ahh..atau kasi dia ni lah...orang sabah punya brand :P

Back then we used to skip class, or even school .. haha...thts why i never been to university !! teachers spell i guess...im not a good boy during school, its just normal to be rebellious, but we're even worst...we've done it all!! [except killing, drugs and raping i guess hehe]

ah..still innocence at this time...1990-im in primary 6, still drink Milk hahha...

wah..oredi a monster at this time....with bunch of no-good-son-of-whoever hehe..i forgot thier name oredi, except the short one on the right his name is Jamidon Koyo-from K.M, the guy sitting there is 'Panjang' heeh...i forgot his name hes taller than me actually, the 'Spek mata' guy is just an enterframe..ignore him!!..it was 1994...[di depan tandas awam kudat *teheh..] during SMV time :P

arghh, i've lost most of my school days picture, yalah..tht time where got Digi cam, all conventional film hehe...no computer as well, tht time still 'buta IT', we know computers, but never bother to learn em heeh

with such attitude,i know, i can never rival my oversea graduated elder brother :P, heck at least few of my siblings did finish university, got their degrees and masters hahah...so im a black sheep in the family lah like this :P..

at the age of 17, most kids still study,me ? im 'study' too, im study how to earn lots of money working as 'kilang boy' oredi :P..nah...at least im still in 'uniform' :P

so..this is my 1st year working.....[still energetic and full of ambition, young innocence one!]

then 10 years later...[psss..im not sleeping, im thinking !!]

and after 11 years of working, im ready to retire !! at the age 28 im a retiree !! haha...and im going to school again...[when? this year dunno when, at? OUM] tehehe....now im going to be a rubber tapper cum students...how wonderful is that !!!

and im still with my schooldays attitude! i didnt go to work today..haha..skip duty!! coz my bloody kapchai punya hal :P

damn kapcai...i've flat tyre today...at first in the morning, on my way to go to work-fixed oredi, then just now, i have to walk about 200m to go to 'Pasar Malam' coz my newly changed tube flat again damn damn...where got workshop open at this time? damn damn condolences heheeh....

so i called my friend....

me : oi oi...[no hello], ko amik no moto ku, maw naik ni cepat...!!! 2 kali suda pancit neh ..
friend: aiyah...pkl brp suda ni? gila ka..draw suda habis lah...results suda keluar pun..mana naik moto ko...
me: *sigh....

erghh...damn..i dun even know what day is 4D draw hehe...[ketara bukan kaki judi :P]

so tomorrow no need to go to work lah *wheeee....

yes!!, v-day is coming !!!...you got all planned well oredi???? wah me tooo....muhahah....guess what im gonna do this valentine..yo..check out...this is the most romantic idea i can came up with, for my GF !!!

im gonna do this when Valentine came....

Opss..sorry.. i forgot..im no big fan of Valentine...tido lagi bagus lah haha..

Back from work, i decided to take quick drop by to Tesco Puchong to pick-up my CDR supply...


Then entering the shopping mall, i saw 2 yellow lions head..
wah...seems like i couldnt get thru all the crowded ppl to take closer pic, so i use my height ability to record from distance

So here it is..my 1st video on my blog ....sorry..im kinda 'maw teberak' tht time so i could'nt record any longer, plus ppl started to get very excited and started to really pack jammed tht place...but nvm..there will be lots of lions coming ur way shortly *hehe

and for u info, i used to be a Lions dance member back in school [Sm St Peter Telipok ,eventho' im not chinese] but i desserted it since i couldnt stand the 'hardcore' training [you see Jacky Chan-Drunken Master? haha...sort of like it lah]

The blogger himself 'enterframe' blocking ur view of the greenery of Pitas tree view :P

how do u like that ah ? tehehe...

I have domain now..unfortunately, the process to replace the zainijimmy.bla bla bla.blablabla.com isnt a piece of cake for me...even for the guy who bought the domain for me huhuh...instead of replacing it...it was re-directed arghh...

but nvm...at least when i tell people to visit me, theres no need for say long name such as www.longnameurlitsis.theirdomainname.com but, just zainijimmy.com :P

so fella..no need to update anything..my blog is still running as normal haha...and i change my mind of having another blog with brand new Identity ... i ask myself..what for??? and the 'not-so-smart' side of me answer 'who knows?'....ceh...so i said to myself..next year lah ah..when the Rubber price hiking thheheh...

so welcome to the brand 'old' zainijimmy.com *clap clap clap!!!!

ah..heppy CNY too...[sorry no proper Orange photo eheehehe]


arghh..what happen?

I added few links today and hopefully they added me as well [desperate blogger, tht wat i am ] i've visited their blog and spam their comment box as well :) and added the everyone favourite Kennysia into my link hehe...and imagine if i have balls as big as him.. :P

I've contacted my old friend to buy my domain name for rm 35/year..heeh...his link here... and it might be up and running sometime very soon...aha... Nong ! who are u? asking for my new pic??? here its is




yep...better belive it...

[this is wat i'd be look like if im female hehe]


sorry cindy :P..i made up my mind..and i wont use Wordpress ... i'll stick to Blogspot [despite of it 'slow-as-turtle' loading]...i dont know why..but i guess its a vision haha..maybe some corrupted vision :P

eh..i oredi set my Wordpress lah go check it here...but i will not move in there, im still here [for adsense hahaha] no lah..but i figured, if i stay with blogspot i can mess with my template and so on..with Wordpress ?? ehhe..purchase..purchase...im Rubber Tapper where got money :P

but i will get myself some domain for this blog [show off purposes]..aha isit possible? i'll go check out...aha..im going photoshooting tomorrow [insyaallah] my Lumix returned oredi haha..nasib tiada calar kalau x sia kasi 'gaban kick' sama dia :P


i don't know bout u but i think Wordpress is faster loading than Blogspot, wat do u think? now im thinking of moving to wordpress, leaving my css expertise for blogspot [yeah..wordpress doesn't support self customizing] and i oredi hav account there hehe..just waiting to be up and running hehehe....

and i wanna buy domain name too hahaha...i guess it would be zainijimmy.com or something, so folks stay tune...i'll be moving my ass very soon :P


i wont blog...connection suck...hehe...bloghoping pun x dapat..connection suck...web surfing pun x dapat connection suck....i'll pack my bag and i wanna set my camp infront of tmnet office at cyberjaya...i'll bring my laptop wi-fi enabled....i wanna surf there..klu x laju x tau lah :P

Ahh..here is the reason for my pimples...the no 1 sinus enemy, the 'Sambal Belacan'...of coz u know what tht is...and as for ppl with severe sinus problem [like me hehe] this is the number 1 food to avoid...but how could u avoid it, when it taste real good arghhh....i cant stand it...but here in selangor, its given free of charge if u order any foods from Pattani Malay restaurants...even if u didnt ask for it hahah...so how could i resists something free and tasty argh....and i ate it just now...so tomorrow sure, pimples grow on my face and sure, its as big as Beckham's head haha

in case u didnt know what Sambal Belacan is, it is a traditional malay food [considered as appetizer] with its main ingredients is Belacan of course and and other permitted ingredients as well hahaah...ergg..google it for ur self lah hahah

ah..and the camwhoring cats is here hahah...she was a lil pissed off when i took her pic hhehe..sorry cats, ure too beautiful thts why im taking ur pic everytime i go there hwhwh


ahh..and back from work...guess wat...a guy [yeah right..men] who doesnt know how to change tyres aaahahah....damn..'lelew kamu ni'...so as an ex-mechanic, i teach them how to properly change tyres hahah..and lil tips for u all, when u tightening the tyre nuts, tighten it in 'X' order, not in 'O' order, thts to make sure of its tightening balance heheh...


nah...my feminine type of friends ahhaha..they can cook very well, but cant properly change tyre ahaha u dont have to be a mechanic to change tyres u know..even my mum can do it heheh ok jk ehhe

all pic taken wit my N70, my Lumix u ask?? haha guess who loaned it..damn..GF would be happy to play wit her BF's expensive toys..damn... if it scratch...i'll give her nice 'ass kick' hehe


sorry..i cannot help not to post this tongue stick out hahah...

you might notice tht every entry i've made lately is short and sometimes meaningless ... thts portrays my everyday life now...

not that i wanna let this blog die..no no no no......as long as i have Internet connection i'll blog...just to make ppl annoyed and suffer reading my crappy writings hehe...[erks...i hope not, actually]

nah..so today another crappy entry to make u suffer reading em hahah...[ok..im sorry if i do annoyed u] mehehehe....

ahaa..and a random shots again...[this pic here taken with my Pentax optio 30...now u know the reason why i dont want to sell it hehe..it takes great pic even in the hand of amateurs]



mehehe...thts not me...thts my housemate during their family trip to langkawi...so i just wanna giv him a credit to appears in my blog hehe

its 3.30 o'clock in the morning and im still in very active condition, no sign of sleepiness muahah...so i just took pic to check out my pimples, good, them decrease oredi haha..thanks god for saving my handsome face *eheks... im reaching my 30's of age soon but still got pimples..ceh bikin malu government saja...i bet my GF will run 100m seeing me wit pimples...i need foreign beauty to make-up me :P

*this post sponsored by cindy ....

muhahah...now, pay me cindy!!...or else.... [blackmails] muahahah...evil strike the kampung-man :P

yeah..short post for today...coz its about to rain and i hav to rat race to go to work ahhaah seeyaa...i wonder how's the weather in Sabah...still raining all days? my bro said, last friday it was raining like 48 hrs like dat...

uwaaa..how to rubber tap if 48hrs rainings huhuhu...look like im not gonna become rich lah hehe

orait..its raining oredi...lets Rat Race yehaaa....

now..i never learn a lesson thou'...

i knew that, i cant sleep more than 10 hours..but i did..and the results..i cant sleep for another 24 hrs..nah rasakan .. [thts why im blogging ]

i knew that im allergic to seafood due to my sinus problems..but i ate it yesterday for dinner [tomyam lagi] now pimples strike my handsome face..and i tell ya...it as big as my fist heheheh..damn..i have to wear helmets with its visor covering my face at all time while walking.. hehe

i knew i must obey my eating schedule to avoid my vomiting problem [anorexia??] erhh...but yesterday [coz too bz sleeping] i was eating too late haha..then back from restaurant..all the tomyam i had earlier coming out from my stomach hahah [yerk..disgusting..nasib baik sempat pi toilet]...so i hav to re-fuel :P waste of money

damn...and i was weak all day .. [too much sleep and nicotine i guess]....ergh...

erg..i need to read some books...i bought this book in mid last year, but haven't finish reading it yet hahah...now..what the purpose to buy and read books if u don't practice it arghh...i need to change :P

  • been sleeping over the past 24hrs
  • smoked over a pack of cigars
  • having my breakfast at noon...and lunch at who knows when...
  • bath once...
  • didn't answer dozens of calls and sms-es...[fuk off my friend..im sleeping hehehe]

yayiii...is that healthy lifestyle u say??? ergh...i need a wife to nag me everyday


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