dear friends :P

i'll be disconnecting myself from the internet for 1 month, due to my credit out of limit oredi money to reload my digi prepaid...rm150 woo, belum jual getah lagi manada duit nih :P

but i'll see u when itu Lembaga Tabung Getah datang to buy our 'products' :P then we'll continue blogging as usual hehe..

bye for now ...

wakakak...long time no blog :P.. sorry folks..i dun mean to abandon my blog..but by now u knew oredi the reason for my kemalasan to blog :P

eh..i've been tagged sob..sob heheh...ok lah respond to Flanegan tag...

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Name : Mohd Zaini Jimmy Ganggang
Birth Date : Nov 3rd 1978
Current Status : Not single but still available :P
Eye Colour : brown
Hair Colour : black
Righty or lefty : both functioning

My Heritage : pure Kadazan-Dusun
My Fears : rainy day , coz im rubber tapper, rainy means cannot rubber tap, mean no money hehe
My Weaknesses : i dun hav any ehhehe...all as strong as Terminator ehhe...
My Perfect Pizza : err...Lempeng consider as pizza kah?

My thoughts first waking up : late for rubber tapping :P
My bedtime : sharp 10pm
My most missed memory : all my life :P

Pepsi or coke: none
McDonald’s or Burger king : none
Single or grouped dates : anything
Adidas or Nike : none--
Tea or Nestea : air masak :P
Chocolate or Vanilla : none
Cappuccino or Coffee : nescafe will do

Smoke : yes..sometimes...few hours once :P
Curse : very polite person
Take a shower : sometimes...hehe..
Have a crush : ya ya..crush and crash
Think you’ve been in love : maybe i guess
Go to school : no...
Want to get married : yes
Believe in yourself : yes
Think your a health freak : yes..

Drank alcohol : no
Gone to the mall : maybe..which mall?
Been on stage : maybe.. i dun remember
Eaten sushi : yucks..
Dyed your hair : nope

Played a stripping game : no..
Changed who you were to fit in : myself lah :P

To be married : somewhere between 30~35

Best eye colour : any color
Best hair colour : natural hair color
Short hair or long hair : long

A minute ago : watching buletin utama
Hour ago : eating dinner
1 month ago : eager to resign
Year ago : wasting my time at Shah Alam working shamelessly for a spoon of food :P

I love : rubber tapping
I feel : mo teberak
I hate : being sick..mean that i cant go working my rubber plantation :P
I hide : nothing...
I miss : all my friends back in shah alam
I need : my own transport here in kampong hahah

people no 1
people no 2
people no 3
people no 4
people no 5


woaa..quite a while since i go online hehe...i was bz adjusting life as kampung-man...

my bones and muscles aching hheh...

i hate 25 kbps connection :P

heard that REDtone got licence to operate wimax for Sabah & Sarawak, good news for people like me who desperately need faster Internet connection :P so im waiting for good news..

till then i'll be on/off from the Internet :P..coz this kampung-man will become bz making living :P

p/s-i still need the Internet mainly for Online banking bills, pay debt, buy prepaid etc etc.. so its so sad that i cant update this blog as frequent as before :P...

but i'll be uploading interesting pic from time to time cheers :P

naturale !

i was feeding my mum's chicken when i saw some visitor heheh...OMG real squirrel and it even not afraid of me hehe...but i dare not to touch it coz squirrell can bite u know ..

yea..i was at Tamparuli the other day waiting for my sis in law from Sandakan, time about 10pm and this place oredi haunted ppl around eheh..only big lorry head :P

uh..view from my mum's rubber plantation, u see the 'H' shape ocean? hehe..its Tuaran bay :P

damn! i got my 1st bee sting today...i was out clearing bushes on my mum's rubber plantation when i got attacked all of a sudden by a regiments of bees haha...luckily i managed to escaped with 4 bee bites only hehe 1 on my face and 3 on my fingers..damn i feel numb for a half hour :P and my nephew took a revange by attacking the beehive and capturing their nest kah kah kah..we're armed with 25% more mosquito spray the ridsect ! upon capturing the beehive, i took some pic of it as souvenier for the victory :P

the captured beehive !

Closer look !

yay..what i should call bees?? hehe...

en linus
En Linus wit his victory smile hehe..he's the one who risk his life sprying the nest while i was watching few hundred metre :P, im a good uncle mah :P

i dont know but recently i lost interest in typing :P maybe my hand become stiff oredi due to kampung works and its less than a week only hehe...maybe after a month my keyboard aso hangkang due to stiffened fingers :P

so i'll just post some kampung photos as usual, me? im still adopting to new way of life :P..practising my tapping skill hehe..and to familiarized my body to new temperature..its so hot during day...and freezing cold at night..can die easily :P


these 2 photos are unknown flowers to me hehe...maybe massy recognize these :P i took their pic just because i like the vibrant colour hehe... [my sis in law punya flowers]

we burn some old and damaged books...those are my siblings collection for years but due to unattended,they got striken by termite hav to dispose em before them termite eat my house out :P

it took us 2 days to completly burnt out those old books..hehe...i like how the fire turns out at this pic...

wakak..the notty boy with his spontanous act when i point the lens at him hehe...

yea..this kind of car suitable for climbing our sloping road hehe its my bro ranger...i'm planning to buy kancil hehe..anyone wanna sell?

my mum's kampungan guard dog hehe..this dog here really mean u can bite for sure..luckily i feed him when he was just a puppy so he wont bite me hehe...and im planning to buy some rottweiler dog too,anyone wanna sell?

well..nothing much to blog...eheheh...or theres too much to i'll just post photos for ur viewing pleasure :P
So rambutan anyone???

Pineapple anyone??

Guava anyone?

Cengkudu anyone??..haha..this is what a cengkudu look like before going thru process as drinks ehhee..well u cant xctually eat it tht way...its very bitter :P..nobody eat cengkudu..:P

spider..hehe..its defenetly not a fruits...ehehe...its spider-man!!! :P

Nah..'Amu avasi montok diau' as not good 4 u eehehe...u shud get the message by now...

Thank God !!

i found the solution for my 'super lembab' connection hahah..its here openDNS does improve my diginet connection up to 40-50%..anyone using GPRS and using S60 smartphone as modem can use this...err..everyone can use lah..if its a phone modem u can use it... improve my connection more 'always error' in return...let see how reliable it is..hopefully it'll stay this way so that i can surf faster,bloghop faster and download porn la kidding :P and whats more..its FREE u know not all free stuff is useless :P

Guess what we've found, bird nest huhuh...

but its empty..abandoned nest i guess, or the birds already flew away :P

En Linus with his very disappointed expression :P..while chewing some natural chewable leaf hehe...dunno la, his style lah tue hehe

huhuah...finally we found nest tht is occupied hehe...a baby bird with unhatched egg hehe...when i ask my bro wht kind of birds it is, he say Burung Porok kah kah...dunno la, but we called it 'momporok' in our language :P

View of Tuaran District from my house :P

Nah..massy..the hibiscus tree :P..sorry no close up..i'll snap again sometime very soon

so, i've done my rubber tapping practise. So i'll go rubber tap anytime from now :P, owh and the mechanic guy came over my place to check up my 'sick' Bedford pickup today hehe...

well, if u're kinda wondering what am i doing here in my new environment, beside seeing all block concrete everyday and wearing the 'white ninja' suit at work before, now all i see is greenery hehe...its kinda relaxing, and the fresh air...

the water is freezing cold, u must know by then tht my kampung situated at 2nd tallest hill in kota-kinabalu [1st tallest hill was Lawa Mondou, where the Tv transmitter tower planted ehehe] the wind blowing non-stop and its living on top of Genting Highland no wonder we're called Hill people yes!! we're hill people, our shoes getting dirty! red soil is all over :P

i woke up everyday at 7 i dint go tap rubber yet...its relaxing time [enjoying the unemployed moment xctually] and wash my face and felt the temporary numbness in my face because the water is freezing colddddd....

well, its only few days relaxing time coz im running out of saving money so back to work...

note:- none of my kampung-man jobless :P how come u'll be jobless when plenty of work to be done?? :P

gravel road to my house :P can see the dead pick-up [mine hehe] need repairing oso :P

My mum's house where i live now...a classic wooden house :P well this house do need extreme modification since its getting older...and its shaky here and there, hehe..well pelan² lah..plenty of time to do tht

En Linus and Fadhil the daredevil kid heheh...u see, this is our trademark shirt!!!! wakakak...

Hibiscus...plenty of these here...u can grab one for free :P

here...this orange kelapa is tht short ehhehe...can reach them coconuts from ground :P

My younger nephew, and older nephew...even older than me :P very happy jump

En Linus with his 'very sour' expression :P

The Kampung-Man himself smoking one of those classic yet very practical 'rokok gulung' or 'lopian' [eheh..since im jobless, no more Danghill for me..time to quit smoking]..and he was thinking of wat to do next in his life...

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Limau everyone??

Wani everyone?

Kepala errr..kelapa everyone?

so sorry..heheh..cannot blog hop for a moment, even to blog pun is a pain in the u know im using 'mega-speed' 25kbps via GPRS, yes still can acces the internet and so on but waiting is forever...can die easily :P

but dun worry, i can blog hop but not as frequent as before...just keep updating my friend :P

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my new mini-office heheh...temporary, its cofee table heheh..i stole it from my sisters hse :P

aduina..kesian hehehe

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Early aura

uh..i snap this last nite jejej...

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Im back glad i can make it to online... :P no moore streamyx 1mbps, im using squeezed band of gprs with top speed at 25kbps heeheh..but something strange happen, wait for my new post ...

and im officially orang kampung now, i reach home at 12pm just now..i'll continue blogging tomolo coz im still tired and sleepy hehehe...

every pics have it story ain'it?

itu banner tue ada cerita tersendiri, it happen last year di ladang kami di Pitas, in that pic is my elder bro tengah pegang sekotak macis kayu dengan bergayanya...oleh kerana beliau adalah seorang guru maka dengan bangganya beliau telah mengajar anak buah sia [yg tengah tunduk malu² tue] cara-cara menghidupkan lampu karbaid...

lampu itu dapat dihidupkan dengan jayanya, hasil dari dedikasi anak buah saya yang menjelmakan aura dia yang tak seberapa :P maka tehasil lah efek yang x disengajakan...

adapaun jika anda tidak mengenali apakah dia Lampu Karbaid, kesian, hanya anda dan keluarga anda yang akan menanggung malu ehhehe..sekian terima kasih :P

bye for now..

sad sad..i'll be disconnecting myself from the internet for few days ... im throwing away my adsl modem, 512 mbps stremyx connection and if i get lucky enough i shall blog again with 25kbps via gprs heehe...

another sad story...lets sing fella na na na an....ang ang sound familiar lah.. :P

just dont say goodbye..i hate it and i had it enough


well, feel like i wanna sing a song- ahermmm ahremmm *clear throat - "im leaving on a jet plane,dont know when i'll be back again,but if got broke too fast then i'll be back as soon as possible"- eh? wrong lyric kah? nvm lo hehe
huu..look like i've been raided by some flying and fire breathing dragon in a process of clearing out my old stuff, ergh..i almost cry..u know how i treasure my old stuff...them memories u know..not just stuff...

so these are my 11 years worthy of stuff...huhuh...i couldn't drag all my stuff around to bring back to hometown, airasia charge will kill me before i touch sabah ground by charging me overweight muahha...wonder how much it'll cost me..500?600? i'll be damn..

so to kill time before my flight on this 4th march, i'll read some mag [i bought em 3 yrs ago heheeh] actually i didnt finish up reading all those mag, i just like the graphic haha,only read certain topic then i stack it up for decoration.. heck...i hate reading heheeh...

erm..its not fun to be jobless honestly...i spent all day sleeping, eating, smoking,surfing ptuihh...if i continuously in this condition i'll be dead very soon hehe...i hate it...i couldnt wait to balik kampung so i can start to tap some rubber :P

so here is my farewell gift that i've mention in my earlier post *tehehe...
err...the orange is not part of the gift hehe...for decoration purposes only...i really like the included card , thts mean without 'u' they can success very well, just that they just cant spell it hehehe..coz the 'U' balik kampung to rubber tap :P

few words of wisdom on the back of the card,

then another gift came during my last day on 28 feb *thehehe...look like many ppl love me

this one oso not part of the gift :P these are for my stomach hahah...CNY gift lah...

these are the unwrapped gift, mostly relegious item :) books, prayer mat-sejadah, pocket size Quran, and some for my the one who quit job but my mum oso got her present heheeh...and lastly....

muakakakak...its been long since i wanted one of this hehehe...a 512Mb Sony MP3 player :P..they sure know my taste, if it is an electronic and expensive, the Kampung-man sure love it tehehh...

so thts it, anyone want to give me some of tht expensive gift? u are welcome to do so not long as it is expensive, i'll be glad to recieve it with wide open arms heheh....


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