hoih...kehoii..apalagi if not rain ..luckily i manage to save my 'susu' from the rain .. err...not tht kind of 'susu' lah .. my Latex hhehe...the white coloured liquid to be precise :P

you see..being a rubber tapper, rain is one big problem to us .. its everyday race against the force of nature .. but i cant hate em.. thts is God bless . imagine if there is no rain .. there would be no life and there would be no En Rain .. the Korean so called 'hot shot' cehh...sia pun hensem bah..rambut sia pun macam om juga sikit² hhehe...

see...i told ya hhaha...

so..to cool down myself after the 'rat race' withe the rain just now..i treat myself with something delicious...

hoh..this must be the heaviest fruit in the world, its weigh 'puluh - tan ' as the Kadazan-Dusun fella called it 'Pulutan' hheh...its Cempedak in malay and with curiosity of wat this fruit called in English, i open up my magic dick-tionary and it says 'A type of fruit that resembles a jack fruit' hoh? hhahha i forgot where got cempedak there at 'ang-moh' country heheh...


Featuring 'si-gitom and the tail-less cat'

...one day...

cat : Eh! tht is 'si-gitom'....
pups : hurmmm......

cat : Hi 'si-Gitom' what ar u doing?
pups : owh nothing....
cat : aih...why u look so sad?? running out of food?
pups : none of u bisnes lah..why u care?

cat: aiyaa...c'mon man..cheer up a'lil...tell me wats goin on...
pups: eh..u bz body cats .. go away la...
cat : hoh...im ur long time friend woo...how could u chase me .. tell me la wat happen ..
pups : well actually one of my senior,'si-gangis' died of giving birth .. thts why la im mourning..

cat : wat??? owh..how sad..patutla i din see her these few days...but its ok ma...she had it coming hhehe..now u can have all the food
pups : yep...thts sound good news to me .. i'feel a lil bit ok now ..

cats : Like that laaaa...now tht u feel ok lets have some beer then ..
pups : ok..set..on u treat ah.. 3 10 pun ok ba..
cats : buli ba kalau kau ..

im still haunted by 'si gangis' tragic death, heh.. and im having back pain now on account of mixing cement for my sheds floor :P arghh...very painfull indeed and i manage to finish only half of it before it rain... hoh..

this is 'Bunga Raya' after the rain

and i've been reading all posts regarding to KK bloggers gathering/meet with Peter Tan..(by KK bloggers) and all i can say .. err..sikit juga kk blogger? me? im not kk blogger i am Tamparuli blogger hhehhe...or Telipok blogger...or Tuaran blogger or to be exact Kg Logkou Baru Blogger :P (alasan la bah tue x dpt pigi kan )

but congrat! to all of ya for succesfully entertain our guests (yaa...jangan kasi malu sabah!!)..i wish i could join in but i just cant .. (sbb tiada hidung-malu la hheh) :P..but who knows next time i might join bloggers gath (if any lah or if i was invited lah)

Organic vege...home grown lah... sendiri masak punya..

well, my friend...another 3 days and my DiGi prepaid will be expired..ehem ehem...(getah belum kasi turun so no moneh to buy reload) so i might go hibernating again hheh...hopefully not lah..

and u know why i have picture in this post..but not related in any way to what im trying to say? hoh...thts mystery keh keh...just wanna add some random photo i guess...its all taken with my Lumix FZ7 err..itu camera bekarat suda kali tue...long time no pakai...

banana closeup
ok la all my banana friend...i feel like im in a 'sudip sentimental' mood rite now so i wanna watch tv..its been long since i've watch tv (rugi sa bayar tu astro klu x tgk hehh) so bye bye .. happy 'sudip sentimentel days'


I woke up this morning with rubber tapping in mind (yes..its sunday and im doing overtime) just to found out tht one of my mum's dog is dead! hoh...pity..

less one to feed :P this is 'si gangis' and this poor dog died of giving birth...kesian..i guess she just cant take the pain of giving birth (she actually gave birth to 1 puppy, but tht one died too) i feel sympathy for her, but its ok..all dogs go to heaven...u and me? hoh..who knows :P

so i started my sunday morning digging holes to bury 'the late si-gangis' hoh..not one of the proudest thing to start ur sunday :P

now..whos gonna donate my mum a puppy? massy..u ask ur sis oredi? mehehe...


hoih...i finally finish up my shed yea... only floor cement left actually..but thts peanut :P

victory me
victory for superKampung-man hhahah...3 days of knocking n cutting things, and today..again without my super sidekick (En Linus)i finally have my dream shed hhehe..(hoh..itu rambut macam baru lepas kena rogol ja :P..)

shed before...

finished shed
inilah..the finish product..a bit dark lah because i snap this picture at dawn...rite after i finished it ..now, i have a shed to store my 'gold' to protect it from dog bite... i'll take picture tomolo la to give u the idea what i am talking about :P

i always fascinated by photgraphy art, but being a rubber tapper, this is my favourite subject hhehe...sudala hari2 tgk pokok getah, amik gambar pun gambar pokok getah juga :P

another rubber trees, hoh, i never get tired of 'pokok getah', i think i'll just marry the pokok getah instead :P

and camwhoring pun where else if not at rubber plantation huhu...at this time actually its about to rain, thts why i take few minute to enjoy the 'kebun getah' smell before i headed back home...gee..i need to shave :P, i look too old oredi

owh shoooooott! PPP rejected me because im too handsome :P hhee..no la, its bacause i didnt have any entry for 30days for the past 90 days..huhu..i just 're-blog' myself this month remember? (after 7 month nap :P)

but its ok...i can always try...err..thts mean i hav to blog continously for another 3 months? hhahha...banyak la duit ku mo reload RM 150 on my digi prepaid..(im using it to go online kan..) but tgkla...since the rubber price RM4 per kg so next mont i still (probably) can reload my prepaid :P (Donor Wanted) hheh..

well, i cant type any longer,i got tired of building the deym shed again, well, i have to build it myself today coz my side-kick (En Linus) is nowhere to be seen :P and no photo too...im gonna have to sleep now...my chest light signal is blinking oredi (hohoh...macam superman pula)and i need to fly..recharging myself...if i do wake-up malam nanti, i'll blog again...tadaaaaa...(flying to sun)

ah..quick update on my shed...but the image is kinda blurry a bit, its camera phone la..in this weather condition? its not a good idea to bring out my Lumix FZ7...too risky..

gee..i left them yesterday with 4 standing pillars...it must be the strong wind just now..

hah...i can see 'ikan Talapia' already.. whos gonna dig it now? huh...

En Linus
Luckily, i have a helping hand here...En Linus is ready to rumble with the dirt and get his hand dirty..while i was giving order hheh..no lah, actually i did it, he help me to hold things only..but very help full indeed..

in spite of wet condition and very muddy, we manage to secure the pillars but it getting darker already, so we will continue building it tomorrow, hopefully it'll not rain :P

hoh...and thts is my neighbour who suddenly pass by to show his teeth..hehe..thts me la..

si Guntut
ah..and a bonus picture for you...this is my mum's dog...'si Guntut' giving me the :P sign hohoho...bah actually he is licking himself happily..

hoh..here i come...so i just register for PPP, i dont know what make me do that (must've be the 'voice') ho... but still have to wait for approval..*sigh...i thought i can start right away...i've already take out my 'magic-dictionary' in case i have to use words that is complicated as ..well...u know how broken my English is *tehehe...wish there is some advertising company use our very own 'Bahasa Malaysia'

hah..but its ok, its quite a bit challenge for me, well, i can improve my English very well as soon as they start to pay me :P ..as David Letterman mention it "well,we will start to make this show better as soon as people start watching it" but if its not..then u have to bear reading my typical 'manglish' hehe...

wish me luck...or cross finger...or cross leg or u can cross the line...but wish me luck... huh...

at first i wanted to e-mail this 'go fishing map' here to LeeJB but then i couldnt find his email add .. hhehe...sorry Lee.. so i just posted it here...can click for larger view...i hope this would help lah..coz thts was the very 1st time i go there...but it shudnt hard to find... can ask the nearby stall (i remember one stall with the name 'sudi mampir' hehhe...must be javanese) for direction..

so anyone interested to go fishing can go there...good spot for overnight trip...can bring ur kids...wife(s)...girlfriend, boipren..or u maid...or ur mistress there hhehh...its sure safe..and plenty of ikang Talapia...

bytheway...i totally lost about 30% of my latex today caused by the rain...hoh...im in a middle of collecting the latex when it rain suddenly, if not En Linus (my nephew) quickly help me out, i might lost 60% of it...thank 2 u my nephew hhehe...we're collecting the latex like 'rat-race' coz the rain oredi pouring into them...hoh...imagine running downhill (about 60 degree of slope) while holding the 20kg bucket full of latex hohhoh...one slip and u end up become 'white-man'..(because the latex is white coloured liquid of course...)

and u must know how hard it is to remove the latex if it get into ur hair..hahhahh...botak la jawapnya...

ish...malas mo blog today...im in a process of building a shed to store my precious product (the getah kepingan laaa..) from dog bite hheh...just now i've started building it oredi, but kena hujan while i was finishing the pillar ceh...terbengkalai lagi..its not a big shed anyway measured at 8 x 12 ft only but still cost me about rm700 hoh...material these days ar not cheap u know :P..i'll take pic tomolo la...

btw..i've added some 'rubber price' section on my blog left corner hheh...thts for my own reference lah...but incase ppl wondering how i make a living (since, i cant or not good enough to PPP as Cindy did :P)..and i need some favour for those who have everday access to our local news paper 'Daily Express' (coz i cant have them everday here) to update mo on rubber price...ada sana column 'kadazandusun' itu hhehe...can msg me sana chatbox ... ur help is very important for me and the rubber-tupper community in general :P (so that we can continiue to supply the important raw material for condom manufacturing hehh..)

so..thts all for today...sejuk sini...hujan lah...

*this post sponsered by cindy

Deym again...tiada karan again ceh,ceh and ceh...actually its not totally blackout, but not enough current, enough to power up my laptop and tv but cannot turn on the lamp..ceh...wat la...in this week alone we have 3 or 4 blackout...wat the matter SESB? i've called many times oredi (heh..the KL habits on me still going strong-very suka komplein...)..ingat we orang kg canot pay bills ka?

huh...but then again...its ok...we dun use tht much power lah...we're tough org kg..no need electricty tht much to survive... heh..when i was born..up till i was old enough to go to secondary school pun we dun hav electricty mah...no big deal...but now, i guess the electricty spoilt us oredi :P sikit-sikit karan..mati la like this...

eh...tukar de story...Mas and Haizum ask me about si-Gitom, the crazy barking puppy (actually we called him guritom-mean blackie) here the pic thehehe...

guritom with other puppy when they were few weeks old (the other puppy is dead few days after this pic taken anyway...kekenyangan...)..nah..now u know how he got his name :P

nah...this is si-guritom latest pic...he is now 4 months old but not growing up...terbantut agaknya hehe...gee..he might look cute..but belive me, when u hear him barking...u feel like u wanna smash his head he he..well, i couldnt do tht anyway..i am an animal lover bah :P

but as my mum said...what the point of having dog if they cant bark?? hoh..i tottaly agree..but up to the point where it bark on just about anything, even an aeroplane passby pun barking...thts ridiculous...

  1. Deym...blackout here...
  2. my laptop batteries almost empty ..
  3. my modemphone almost die... die lah ni..
  4. my mums dog - si 'gitom' keep barking since 5pm..budu punya puppy...even aeroplane passby pun dia bark like mad...sthufidd dog...
  5. bah...mo pi mamam luk...wat to do...i got to hav my dinner in the dark...we run out of candle :P...deym SESB...

what does a rubber tapper do when it rain u ask? we go FISHING !! hehe... well tht pretty much about it.. u know im a die hard rubber tapper...i hate to miss my tapping season (coz when i missed it, mean that i dun hav money :P) .. i'll take a leave only in occasion where - someone dead, im sick, wife give birth, and raining huh...

so today, nobody dead,i am in good condition, err...i dun hav a wife yet..so nobody giving birth :P but its raining!! huh~~...so my bro giv me a call and say "bah, kainou mongoi tokou pomukot do baino hilo id Gayang" err.. no understand? well it mean, Lets Go fishing !! hhehe...nasib la klu x paham :X

so we pack our gear...well just few bamboo stick for fishing, a cup of fat worm...and few things lah u know it better than me, im rubber tapper not fishermen.. accompany us is our fellow villagers...then we jump in at the back truck of my bro's Ranger and head on to Gayang...sana dekat Melawa bah tue..nasib la klu x tau..sia pun x tau tue tempat ;P sia ikut2 ja...

so to make the story short...here is the picture lah...im no good fishermen so i dun hav anything to say about fishing...for me fishing is just about catching fish...wat so wondering bout tht?

back truck
comfort rides on Ranger's truck ... while im enjoying music and cold air-cond inside the cabin :P thts my fellow villagers and our good friend Mr Panjang with his nephew

Lake gayang
nah..this is so called Gayang lake...dunno la apa nama ni tempat..this used to be an illegal sand mining spot...now abandoned salty lake...tapi lake on the other side is not salty...hairan bin ajaib..

mandi lah
hah...before fishing...kita mandi duluuuu...yes..its not everyday hill peoples like us have this opportunity to swim..since we live on top of the hill where got lake here where? where? huh~~ so after i snap this picture i put my camera phone aside...running vigorously and jump to the lake happily tehehe..-thts my bro..covering his tummy he he he...sorry bos...brp bulan suda?

while all the big boys go swimming like never see lake before, these good kid do the fishing..me? ai..geli la pegang tue ulat :P

Ikan Talapia seja?? huh`~~ ingat kerapu ka, stingray ka...or at least Ikan Tongkol ka...

but in the end, even Talapia is tasty when ure in outing mood, heck ...even maggi mee taste good when u hav a good day...-women group perform the Talapia BBQ :P

so wrapping our trip tht day is a brief agreement between us to comeback again sometime soon to repeat this outing...consider tht our catch is not that good, so i guess some of us just not satistified .. heh...me? im ok..as long as its not raining, and i get to swim

today i'll reveal the way how i've got my Internet connection here in this very suburb area...without any fixed phone line...and on very limited finance

me surf
first this is how my desk look like...the phone which act as a modem must be hang to the particular spot in order to get full bar signal from Digi...and also the EDGE..and the half naked person is just for decoration purposes :P

full bar doesn't mean I'll get the EDGE coverage tho.. it depend on weather..like today..its raining and cloudy so the line become very unstable..slow as turtle (i bet even turtle much faster than my Internet connection today)

and after all the effort to get faster connection..this is all i've got...actually i've made 3 tests..but im too ashamed to show you the other test results...hehe...as i said even slower than turtle...can go masak nasi while waiting for any page to load but for the love and passion on Internet..i'll swallow just about anything to go online...

pls god...let em Celcom 3G reach our area...damn...our kg is less than 30km from 3G coverage....bila la mo dapat faster connection nie hermm...

Sorry mase ;P its raining..so no shots of me hugging trees heheh...next time la k..when the weather give permission :P

yay...betul2 hujan ooo...x tau la ni...abis la pikap sa x boleh naik bukit...maklumla..jalan pun secanggih Highway Sammy Vellu...tgk la tue air pun macam milo...if u feel like wanna drink Milo..go ahead..its FOC :P

yay...this cat ada bulu suda heheh...and taking all day long sleeping :P..their eyes opened oredi but canot see things yet...anyone wanna adopt kah dis? i cant feed em ooo :P

another rain picture ...

yay abis la my bro with his family and my younger sis go memancing at Tuaran river...armed with bamboo fishing rod and plastic full of worm...but now its raining AahHAhaha...nasib gue x ikut :P

heh...suddenly i reach to the point where i get to be totally blank :P...i opened my blog dashboard, click on the create button...just to found out that i actually don't have anything in mind to write...yeshhh...im getting older haha...

btw... im looking for good college around kk to further my study...anyone with suggestions? heh..im too lazy to drive around to find for myself :P ... preferably part time course...coz im not orang kaya...so i still hav to rubber tap and study at the same time... yala..dulu masa muda2 dun want to study... now suda mo jadi bapa org baru sibuk..padan la muka ku :P

Haloo all..tehehe...hows ur raya goin? i mention before that, this gonna be my 1st raya here in my own kampung...and i found out that the way it feels way too boring compare to my raya before... i din go for 'sembahyang raya' this year hehe...(confession of an old man :P) not becoz i din want to go, but i got stuck in a mud on my way to the mosque .. (thts why i desperately need 4x4, my Protong Iswara not meant to be off road :P)

but at least we have a happening 'rumah terbuka' organized by my bro..so here i am tumpang sekaki...jadi penyambut tetamu .. and manage to snap some picture too...

Well, the kuih-muih before ... no guest yet...

The 'tuan kedai'..my bro (yellow jersy)..well, its early in the morning..thts why ppl wear shorts heheh...wat? this is 2nd raya lah...the baju melayu long hanged oredi :P

Then..ppl coming..err..its raining a lil bit...look at the road...its not easy to pass tru..even for the big toys..the ranger...then imagine my proton heh..if ure not some sort of 'Karamjit singh'..u better walk babeh... and these are our guests from Kota belud (my bro punya bro-in-law)

and these are our fella kampung boys...heh...

and here is our very own En Linus ( my nephew) give his very best smile of the year.. (he was my co guest receptionist tht day )

And the 'sumandak' bz entertaining our guests...well, inside the house, they hold responsible for entertaining...outside..the two monkeys held responsible for standing in front of the door, smiling to coming guests, greeting and shaking hands he he..boy...its tough..especially for non-friendly ppl like me teheheh...

and boys would be as happy as ever...

as for me...even tho its boring.. (no sumandak to tackle :P ) but its ok...boring is my middle name :P .. so tomolo ... holidays end oredi...its been a week since i last hug my rubber trees..so its time for me to go and sharpen my 'pisau getah' or the rubber tapping weird contraption..so i'll blog later.. if not my N70 will blow away since i've uploaded lots of pic oredi...remember..im on Mega-Speed GPRS 28.5 kbps max hehe...

I wish...

Hari raya coming sooonn..yay...i bet many ppl bz for preparation oredi..me? err..i dont know what to prepare hehe...

so this is my 1st raya here in my own kampung lah...for years i've been celebrating raya 'overseas' hehe...i dont know if the situation and feel would be different, but for person like me...i dun celebrate any occasion so over excitedly :P ...

but my bro will be having an open house...everyone invited :P (his home next to mine only heh) so i'll just go and 'tumpang sekaki' with his open house .. its lot convenient that way..rather than doing 2 open houses, besides, theres nothing here in my house..can eat the stairways lah hehe...

well,i reckon it would be happening..u know, since our family is the only family here who celebrate raya ( the other family are mainly Catholic ) but thts our tradition since long time ago..we will 'kongsi raya' every time.. even on Chinese new year ...heh (our kampung fella can be considered as gila raya...the only raya they didn't celebrate is deepavali , i guess :P)

by the way...i wont be able to go blogging for few days..on this raya i'll be bz :P i'll be on my raya trip to Kundasang to visit my sis there...then..dunno la after that..cari sumandak kali hehe...

p/s- no duit raya pls...im broke oredi :P

yaa..its Sunday...past daylight and here i am..lying in a comfort of my smelly-smelly bed hehe (a bachelors bed, wat do u expect? roses smell? huh..) with this warm portable computer in my lap..with long wire attach to my N70 which act as super modem with super narrowband connection which allow me to go to toilet doing my business waiting for some page to load :P

and to tell u the truth i dun have anything better to write in my head..they're empty..as empty as my pocket right now (the Lembaga Tabung Getah has'nt come to buy our precious product yet -which is a major raw material for condom manufacturing for your pleasure..and peace of mind doing ur business..knowing that after the great satisfactions of both u and ur couple end..u'll never regret for the whole life ..if u know wat i mean :P)

so no picture yet...what is happening..few months ago..when i decide to leave my stylish life and become dedicated rubber tapper, i didn't plan to leave behind things that i'd like to do before such as....ermmm...let me think..ah..i forgot it already..damn...i guess my memory has been erased just like the Arnold movie Ereaser....damn...those 'getah beku' odour must've been damaging my brain to the worst state :P

but im happy with my life..no doubt about that..the decision has been made by me...and no regret whatsoever...im as happy as full belly pig hehe...the only regret that i have in mind is that the failure to buy cheap 4x4 vehicle back in KL and bring back here heheh...wat? childish? haha...u know its not cheap here in KK..even the 'besi buruk' 4x4 still cost more than 10k cheh...sindri pakai la...

but,,i'll end here before anyone who read this regret for reading this....knowing that it is tottaly pointless haha...and i'll continiue my lazy sunday surfing the net for cheap 4x4 ...sign out..YB Kampung-Man

i was watching Wreck to Riches on Discovery Real Time channel when suddenly i heard some disturbing sound, ..i knew right away it was our home cat giving birth but in the living room??yea..in front of our doorway to kitchen wakaka.. it can be considered as 'terberanak' hehe..but since this is the first time for this poor cat giving birth ok la..

here is the moment :P.....

it just came out just like that...i guess she didn't even realize it heheh..

while the mother licking the tiny kitten to dry it...the male (the father :P) look very curiously ...aiyah..stupid father..go help lah..

nah...close up :P

sorry for the poor pic quality but i took the pic in a hurry coz then i hav to find some box to put in tht tiny kitten before the father go and eat it heheh...i just checked and found out that another 3 going out oredi :P .. so ill take pic tomolo la ...

massy...wanna adopt kah?? hehe

Peace he he..just got back frm rubber tapping :P i think i want to blog,but nantilah i need to climb some langsat tree 1st to pick some fruit for my mum to sell tomorrow...tomolo will be a 'tamu' day at pekan Telipok aka pilak town hehe...

erg..ugly face...ths is my 1st camwho since the last post hehe...i lost weight and become even skinnier than before tehehe...maybe i weigh around 50 something only now :P


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