Signing off

for a while :P let say..a month 'yellow fella' is having a do i ..

so we'll see next year !!

merry christmas and a happy new year from (early wish for u all :)

incase u wanna contact me (or just wanna say hello to 'si-guntut') feel free to email me - zainijimmy at gmail


yaa..this here is 'si-gitom' few weeks old hheh.. btw need quicktime plugin :P since i cant upload via google video, photobucket or youtube due to my super-narrowband connection :P , so as an alternative i uploaded it into my googlepages, which is much faster and stream it here :P first video here koh koh..after i squeezed the video to its smallest size so that i can upload it via gprs heheh worth 15min uploading hoih...

ermm..blurrrr...nvm la just enjoy the gong beating..Logkou style hehhe..taken during Kaamatan with my Lumix .. dan tidak ketinggalan Dato Louis dengan lagunya..bye-bye 'singgarung' eh..silap..bye-bye simpangan heheh

new addition

nah..dying from boredom, i decide to upload some dusun music mp3 into my blog...can listen to them la :P (sana atas seja tue)

bytheway.. if u din see anything..u need plugins :P - QuickTime player hehe..

p/s - sia la tue..'tanak ingaa sikul,noubas id kampung²' :P

i was 'siok-siok' rubber tapping just now, and busy re-directing the latex flow which is going all direction but the collecting pot. Well, the trees kinda wet since it was raining last nite kan... (inila namanya 'tamaha' heheh, basah² pun pi potong getah)

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see, this is what happen when the rubber tree is wet !!, the latex flow will be distract by the moist and go to all direction but the pot :P

then, suddenly i felt like i was in cameroon Highland heheh..i was surrounded by thick mist!! (even cameroon don't have this kinda sudden mist! )

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and i was like..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and frantically run for cover hehhe..and end up trapped at my sister's house when the rain 'pouring it content' to the ground hehe..and guess who accompany me :P

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'si-gitom' and 'si-guntut' oso take cover there heheh...deym doggie..

koh..koh..what a beautiful day..kesian lah that latex! all washed away :( but i know dis, gambling with mother nature is not a good idea :P you might lost ur stake pretty bad tho' .. (and in this case..i do :P )


im free lah today...and i look around the house if there is anything i can do to kill my boredom, staring at the laptop monitor early in the morning causing me a headache :P wanna wear thick glasses la nie after this :P

i remembered the pathetic cheap electric kettle that went malfunction that day and i guess i will repair it since i need it to boil water quickly in the morning.. hoih...a lessons for a day..dont buy cheap 'chap ayam' product!! keh keh keh...ony few weeks old but need servicing oredi :P sudah la xda warranty if u're into D.I.Y , check this out lah..

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always check the fuse first ! a constant black out lately and the thunderstorm can eat tht poor fuse, but the fuse is check the other lah pula...

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so after a brief checking into it main body, i know what causes it..its the design!! u see, this electric kettle main circuit breaker work base on heat, but the problem is the sensor itself exposed to the boiling steam and causing it to 'short-circuited' easily.. apa punya designer!

but i din do nothing about it tho..just wipe it to dry out the sensor, and put some cellotape into the big hole that causing the steam goes into it..and hopefully it'll work (without blowing it up :P )

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and its work wkakakk...(i tested it few times of boiling and it went smooth...sorry to dissapoint u but no big BANG~~!! hehh)

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well, i still have few things waiting to be repaired sitting in a corner of my room tho, but let them wait lah hehh...malas mo buat :P .. (since the owner pun didnt give me deposit *keh to work? :P )


cuti lagi .. hmm..what to do ah, i think since we have too much rain, i'll start my fish ponds project la *koh koh wanna pelihara ikan talapia, ikan badukang, ikan piranaha, ikan tonkol dsb :P

now where is my shovel and hoe tht, hanyut oleh air hujan suda ka? hoh...korek pakai tangan la dis :P

Failed D.I.Y

long before i turn into computer geek, i was an electronic geek :P

and i have a small confession, when i was a kid, i used to dismantle radio (even TV set)to see what inside it and wonder how come tht things produce sound and image heheh...i thought there were human inside it actually :P , *koh koh koh...but tht lead me to my passion and knowledge in electronics and as for the radio and tv set tht i've dismantle, err..god have mercy on them heheh...

and today..i've been checking old boxes contain 'old treasure' at my room and i found this..

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yea..this is my antique camcoder heheh...i bought them many years ago (1998-if im not mistaken lah) and i've travelled many part in peninsular to take wedding videos :P, back then i was a freelance videographer for weddings, thts why i bought 2 of them (one serve as backup camcoder)

these things aint cheap back then, these two cost me about 5K, and it is an VHS camcoder, nowdays u can buy a Hi-8/mini DV camcoder for less than 1K, even the DVD-camcoder priced at less than 2K...what a memory...but these camcoder is long broken actually, and i didnt take any effort to repair them since parts are not available anymore for these model :P but..who need camcoder anymore? smart phone can do anything these days :P

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then, looking at this 'electronics corpse' somemore one of it, is Panasonic brand with 22x optical zoom, i have a nasty thought...jeng..jeng...what if i swap the lens with my Panasonic Lumix digi-cam ?(which is 12X optical zoom) *koh koh koh...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

well, i know its not possible tho' since they are from different 'race' hehe..but as a 'full of couriousity' person, i did dismantle it just to see what inside it (just like old time, but this time with knowledge of course :P ) and i dun have to worry about wrecking them, since they're long dead oredi heheh...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
so, this is the lens ... who knows simple things like this can be very complicated :P

after having my satistification looking at what inside it, i put it back together, and keep them where i found them, i wont throw them away since they're 5K in value, but thts not the case, its more to something money cant buy tho' its called 'sentimental value' *keh keh keh


yaa..must keep in mind that 'I Love GPRS'~~!!

why? because top speed is 28.5kbps, during rainy days-u can go cook rice while waiting for web pages to load, can only open 1 window at a time- if not u'll get network error, it cost RM 150/ permonth, NO download!!, no online games!! no YouTube !! no porn no more Cimbclicks online! thehhe...

whats more.. when ppl with streamyx (or at least a dial-up) can blog hop 10 blogs in less than 30min, me, in the other hand have to spend at least 2-3 hours wakkakk....I LOVE GPRS! (now i have a reason to apologize for not hop-ing to your blogs :P)

but i cant complain.. GPRS is the only option.. and patience is what it take...and im runnin out of patience oredi and it might kill my 'blogging-career' tehehhe...

pls god, slaps our wireless network provider!! so that they can at least expand their 3G to my area!! *koh koh (desperate housewife blogger pray) or slaps RedTone at least !! where is the WiMAX ???? deym... ppl give licence but not doing bisnes! kalau tiada duit jangan buat bisnes *koh koh koh...

bah..enough oredi, i sound like an old lady oredi...(i dun behave like this often tho' but sometimes SLOW connection can turn Mr Nice Guy into Mr Crap!!..sorry folks *tehehe)


i've lots of thing to blog today..i even have those beautiful script in my mind right now but i cant blog about it..simply because we've got no electricty! deym u sesb!! its black out!! not once but twice oredi ( 5-7.45 pm and now, 8.15- who knows, eternity maybe :P ) ..even now i have to type in the dark :P

adding to that, i cant reload my 'compact mobile electronic communication device' (Handphone in short :P ) via CIMBCLICKS .. deym u cimb..!! candles pula tue my 'rechargable torchlight' oso nowhere to be seen .. haiya..wat a wonderful day err..night :P

i havent cook yet..and im hungry ! (kena makan biskut lagi la )

now i have to laptop batteries is dying (i have to bury it then :P )


i went to Tamparuli today to buy some grocery since we run out of em oredi , ( i was trapped for a week kan :P ) actually Telipok town (a.k.a Pilak town) is nearer to my 'kampung' about 15 min drive ony and the road is 95% asphalt heh..but i always go to Tamparuli (which is 30-40 min drive and 60% gravel road) to buy things.

why? simply because i love the view along side the way ;P (oso many 'sumandak' there koh koh koh)

so...lets check them view (grr..wish i have Nikon D40X like Chegu Carol here :P )

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
this is Crockker Range view from my 'kampung' quite cloudy eh..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
newly completed road near Kg Bungolio,Tamparuli, before this its gravel..bump there bump here... (buli jatuh pintu kerita :P )

normally i dont bring my Lumix with me if there is no special occasion before , but this time i brought it, because im in a mood to do so eheh...then ppl start to look at me like im some kinda 'lost tourist' carrying my bulky Lumix around hehe...luckily iam very 'local' look alike so no worry bout that tho' just pretend like a press photographer doing his homework :P

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nah..Tamparuli landmarks .. but nobody crossing it today lah .. holiday kan, but when i look at this picture again, well, the angle is wrong !.. i shud take them from front view .. (from the 'tamu' site) heh..nvm..not for sale pic kan :P

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the 'pasar' hehh... for Tamparulian, this is boring view lah..but just wanna share this to those who never step foot to Tamparuli mah :P.. (i puropsely park my car farrr away from the shop heheh...malu la, sudah la body bertampal-tampal, cat lain², penuh tanah merah pula tu keh keh keh...)

and from all the intresting view along the way, i particularly like this one, its taken near Kg Bungolio and the view facing Tuaran bay and some part of Tamparuli

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

why? coz it reminds me of something... a love story...yaa...this view turn my 'Love-Mode' on....

maybe a lil drama can portrays that feeling

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Men : sayangku...aku amat mencintaimu....bener!!...tulus dari hati ku...
woman : owh... sungguh? aku juga demikiyan.. kiss la aku sepuasnya...

director : CUT!!! KAPALA kamu sana!!!! apa sayang-sayang kiss-kiss nie..skrip suruh kamu bergaduh..bukan beromen...!!!

*koh koh koh..anti climaxs ah? well, im not a good director anyhow, so enjoy the view lah...

thank god !.. so good to be back rubber tapping hehe... i wont talk about the weather post lately full of weather story oredi (until i think i shud apply for a position at meteorological department)

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yes! my 1st 'white-gold' for this week :P its measured at 6ft x 20cm (1 inch thickness)

well,lets make it short today coz i din prepare anything for my blog since im too excited of going out and get my hand dirty after almost 1 week 'trapped' inside house :P

so have a good day ahead (perhaps) hehh...

ads !!

im so bored... i guess this is how it feel being unemployed ! heh.. all thanks to the rains :P so im advertising myself ..

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pls note the small caption before decide *koh koh koh

of one week, i manage to get a bucket of kantalan only hehhe...this is what left to my 20kgs a day :P (i manage to save this after racing with the rain anyhow)

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yaa..this is the mysterious is basically latex that is left to hardened into their collecting pot/cup .. but in this case i collect them and left them hardened into a bucket to save them from rains .. look yummy ah? go taste sweet too hhehe

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we need more sun! even kittens need them too :P

im trapped

my FLICKR wont accept my picture anymore, hehe..runnin out of limit oredi (itula..sepa suruh upload pic banyak²).. but nvm .. i can use my Photo bucket now.. actually i forgot that i've oredi registered with Photobucket .. and just when i tried to said that the username already in use .. wat?? who else using this username? hoho..and then i tried entering random password then it work .. hola..aint that a day?

well, im kinda bored rain on and off the whole day..and dying of boredom i decide to go 'jalan² cari makan', all dressed up i am, and ready to go when i got stuck! damn..i forgot, im driving a 2 wheel drive 'malaysian-tin-can' hehh... deym!
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so..basically, im trapped in between strong wind, rain and boredom i end up blogging :( (dont ask if there's a bus passby my village! that would be the same if u ask if there's a train in S'wak :P )

so i made this, a drainage for my shed :P
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

to avoid this!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

so lets have a good day .. even tho' its forecasted that it'll be raining whole week HAHAhaHahhhaa...(i dun really know shud i lough of shud i cry over this :P )

yes...its 'light rain shower' that is, checking the weather forecast have just become first priority on my 'today to-do' list :P and, doesn't look good..

source Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia

whole week or months gonna be raining... hmm...

The sun, peeking into thick cloud .. hoh... we need more sun! hehe..

we have strong wind too, i cant sleep last night due to strong wind, im afraid my house will fly away heheh...u see, my mum house built almost 30yrs ago, sitting on top of the hill and thts is not the best combination .. after surviving the Greg taifun (with roof damaged of course) i can feel now tht this house is quite shaky..oo scary...i need new house..

even the 'tayam-tayam' got their own hard time to look for food .. ('tayam' doesn't mean 'ayam' alone :P any animal that is fostered considered as 'tayam' in Dusun .. now u know ah? :P )

ah?? seeing 'mangga' during off season certainly is not a good sign hehh...(now the Earth also malfunction ah? heheh...) but good sign for cindy.. koh u can have ur 'mangga' :P (well, tht is 'mangga wani' or 'buani' in dusun...but still mangoes isit? :P )

its been 5 days since i last go rubber tapping, and now i started to think of another contingency Plan... i need plan B or C or D.. and those plan are:-
A - Current plan ( die hard rubber tapper)
B - Concentrate On farming to earn cash
C - Look for part-time jobs (e.g working at pump station,lorry driver, shop assistant, rob banks, security guard, construction works etc etc :P )
D - Just relax, enjoy the 'holiday' as God bless,watch more tv, surf more, more sleep...

and i choose plan-D hehe..why? well, in this world my friend, we couldn't just grab it all.. don't be greedy no.. we need to slow down sometime lets just relaxxx...let it be rain :P

another 'holiday' was raining .. (now,since its raining everyday..i need vacation :P )

but,nvm, its going to be shiny day again soon for sure .. so i did nothing much but spending whole day watching TV hehe...


and playing with my N70 .. actually i did load some mobile surfing software into it, but didnt really tested it i figured i must test it incase one day suddenly i got stranded into some 'unmaped',isolated and very far island, naked but have my N70 with me and wierdly that place oso got 'EDGE' and '3G' coverage so i can go mobile blogging ..(wow..wat a fantasy!)

so, i did capture my N70 screen

Scr000013 Scr000002
as seen here..few games.. emergency application (i like the 'Torch' application tho' which turn ur phone into 'torch light' heh) and some mobile internet application right now i have 3 apps which is Gmail mobile, Yahoo Go, and Opera Mini

Scr000011 Scr000012
this is the Gmail interface, simple but practical and wat good about it was it is a text based so it wont 'swallowed' too much of ur credit :P (as for me, its ok since im on 'unlimited plan' :P ) maybe few cents per download only..

Scr000004 Scr000006
and here is the Yahoo Go interface..if u're yahoo mail user, then this is ur mobile solution, also act as a browser but quite limited function, in term of data usage, well this application here will consume quite a bit of ur credit since it is graphical+text

Scr000003 Scr000008 Scr000009
and the best part is Opera Mini, it will let u browse the internet as if u're using ur normal PC browser but in mini size hehhe... N70 phone standard browser can only surf with WAP or adjusted web for mobile, but this opera mini here have the option to see the web as if u're seeing it on ur PC monitor, and it got mouse too hhahh.. but, this apps here will totally wipe out ur credit if u're not on 'unlimited plan'

so thats it, conclusion is, mobile technology aint cheap! but for kampung-man its the only option (but its only RM150 a/month for digi prepaid RM99-postpaid ,Maxis 3G-RM99 postpaid, Celcom 3G-RM68-postpaid hehh..and im on Digi RM150/month)

so if kampung-man can afford it, why dont u? so, lets go mobile!! :P

*this post sponsered by DiGi (but they wont pay me because i dont have paypal *teheheh)


Wo,sory folks,im testing this entry using opera mini via my phone,koh koh,

its been looooooooong time since i didn't use this expensive camera hheheh... (well, expensive for me la..since im a rubber tapper remember? :P )

reviews here

so i decide to snap random subject just to warm-up it a lil bit, since it is electronic device,and any electronic device left unused for a long time tend to get 'short-circuited' (from fungus,capacitor discharged, cockroach or lizard or even ants)

this is what the Kadazandusun call as 'Liposu' gimme the name in Malay or english..anyone?? hehhe..

hmm..just some corns ..

cofee blossoms
ermm..i never notice it before that coffee's tree can produce such beautiful flowers hheh... but its small thou..just a size of a thumb :P this one taken with 'macro-mode'

well, more picture of these at my photo blog (it open in new window if u're interested hehh)

now, u'll never know when u stumble upon something that make u smile hehh...

i was bloghoping when i came across meatball's blog ...dont know if this is funny to you but it is funny to me... meatball didnt notice it i guess since no comment about this one hhehe..look at this picture i've steal and edit (to add the spice) from meatball hheh...(sorry yah..kawan-kawan kan :P )

koh koh koh .. well, we wont notice it that much tho' since we're very sabahan people, and we always yell (err...not really la) "Boss~~!! kasi kari KAPALA ikan satu !!" hheh...

now im wondering if my BAD 'engerish' also a laughing factor hehhe...

why must ads?

at first, i wanted to get rid of ads in my blog .. *thehhe.. since im not good at it anyhow :P but then i change my mind, if it doesnt bother other reader then it can stay 'floating' somewhere on my blog ..

well, if i cant earn anything from it, its ok then, i'll keep it as a trend lah .. how many blog u've visited tht is 'ads-free'?? ho? ho? not that many anymore isnt :P so, lets be trendy!! *koh koh koh..

bluberry is no 'tasty-little-fruit-that-can-be-eaten' this is a wild blueberry, can be found grow wildly at my rubber plantation... but since it got nice colour, its become my official banner now hheh.. (i dont know the name :P)


*koh koh koh...very sorry for dearest reader yg visit while im doing some customization...of course 'berelerak sana-sini' hheh...and i cant put the comment option pigi di sana bawah...heh..i know..its kinda 'leceh' to scroll back again to comment.... nnti la sia cari apa punca dia... (ini template punya designer pakai Mac OS koh koh...)

yay...and the estupida kettle oredi ok without any repairing :P ... itu pun gila suda kali tue... so, less one task for today...and another long 'holiday' sbb ujan kan malam tadi up until this morning...ur place oso ujan ka?? hehhe...

im hungry oredi :P mo pi masak maggi dulu hhe..


i bought this electric kettle few days ago at Giant for RM26.. i manage to use it to boil water with no problem few times before it went BROKEN!! duh...well not completly broken lah, but the lamp signal which indicate 'boiling' burnt out oredi...ceh... how to know if it boiled oredi? .. now i have to listen to it boiling sound :P ini la made in Malaysia :P


as an ex-electrician, this is small matter lah,just replace the indicator lamp la, but then i just remembered tht i left my tools box at my shed...which is exactly 3.5 minute walk from my house..but in this rainy condition errr..malas mo pi sana..besok la repair :P still can boil mah...

this is for on diet! koh koh koh...(err...exclude the key chain and plug lah :P)

waaa..i've got 'holiday' today caused by the rain .. so nothing much i did other than sleeping all day (trying to gain some fat!) and watching Astro - Crime & Investigation channel... now i feel like i want to kill someone hheh...

arr..and i tried to photograph my mums kitten, but they're runnin here and there, i couldnt get a steady shot hehh..

future 'pencuri ikan masin' in the making thehhe...

bah k la..wanna continiue watch C&I channel :P

i've been browsing all day for 4x4 ads at its paifull tho' pages takes ages to load... kalau la ada 3G :P .. so i did cut some of the ads .. just for viewing pleasure hhee..(macam la ada duit mo beli 4x4, 'santut' pun lama suda x dapat beli)

i wonder, why Invader's value very low, anything wrong with this 4x4? anyone ?

koh koh koh..murah..murah..klu la boleh drive all the way from KL .. bos..bungkus 3!! hehhe...

hoih..Hilux juga bah..well, murah sikit la frm sabah price..but i prefer doublecab lah..ini singlecab leceh la..hav to go to Puspakom every 6 mth ..pastu ada nama lagi di pintu... klu nama best xpa juga..


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