yep..here i am again muhahha...lowering my self dignity by blogging from cc .. (i've checked this pc spec and its pentium 2 334 Mhz .. 128Mb of memory..and i almost faint..no wonder i feel depressed using this cc punya pc)

but anyway..thanks dear friend for all the wishes .. and for ur info..im fine here hheh..si guntut oso fine tho he is sufering from skin desease rite now (kagalon) wakkak... and thnaks for visitig my blog even tho the person who suppose to manage this blog is nowhere to be found (until now!)

eh.. end of january oredi ka?? hhah..telampau lama x turun pi bandar :P so i'll continiue blog on february lah hhahha...

and oso i kenot reply all the msg but i justwan u all 2 know tht im reading em! just that i kenot bear my sad feeling of using this pc thts why im unable to reply those msg :P

arg..i beeter get out of this cc before im turning gay..eh..no la.. but this pc bery slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww...i cant stand slow pc !! its killing me!!

well..we see again next month lah (hhahhhah) ....

p/s mind my language or spelleeng pls i havent type anything in english for a while..my finger ar all numb !


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