i've been very bz lately...i dun have time to go blogging..no time to go to work oso hheh..all due to the rain .. yes! the deym mr Rain :P

but anyway..i do sneak into cc from time to time to practice my numb finger hheh..so..my blog losing its touch oredi..yay..

bt nevermind..whats gooing down must come up .. err..betul ka tue? heh..who cares..

just that..lets not forget to VOTE! ya..i'll be very bz on this coming election .. bcos im YB Kampung-Man remember?? hhahha....VOTE PEMUTUNGAN!!! ceh..crap lah..

but..my kg got 3G oredi..so maybe next month i'll be here blogging for good ! (yes thanks god answer my pray hheh)

so thats all folks..its deym cloudy oredi and i have to get back quickly or else i'll have to walk home..im still driving the Malaysian tin-can lah :P see u soon :P


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