Happy Kaamatan !!! err..im sober this ..dun think diffrently hheh...

but still no update this is quick one .. hpefully everyone ok .. me?? muhahha...im still breathing lah..cant say im ok..bt will do :P

alaa..this is Kaamatan month la...'tadau poginuman err..tagayo do kaaamatan' org bilangh..so one quick invitation to our kg 'kaamatan celebration' everyone invited...

Venue : Kg Logkou Baru, Telipok (pandai² la cari hhahhha)
Date : 1st June 08
Time : anytime

so anyone intrested can call Massy kah ah kah..dun call me :P

k la fella...gtg...harap² ada urg datang la ni..klu teda sa moginum sorang² ja la hehhe...(and save all the foods hhehh)


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