Ntah la brpa lama suda xda post ne..hheeh..anyway ppl these days doesn't bother bout blog anymore since Facebook rules the Internet...and believe it or not..i don't really know how to use it..they say its easy as ABC but me? hheh being an "old skool kampung man" i find it kinda hard for me or rather confusing if i can say so miakka...well thts very me :P

anyway..being away for so long (go masuk hutan,become komunis) hhe..i mean not writing in this blog for so long, i find it hard to make a comeback since i drain all my ideas about writing...furthermore in English,whoa...but i guess million steps always begin with 1st step huh..

but i have an idea to overcome this problem...lets see pictures hhah...i know most ppl don't even bother to read what we wrote so lets see picture of me lah (or my fav..pets)...much better than reading my tunggang-terbalik engerish...

whaha...muka kegutan..somewhere in Pekan Nabalu (latest pic la)..yeah..i edited the cigarette box with my special superimpose technique (hhahh) coz i dont want 2 promote smoking hhehhe, eh..bytheway i took it with my brand new SE c510 phone since i've lost my trusted old N70 during 'ramai-ramai' at my kampung hheh...quite decent ar..3.2 mp cybershot leh...

ini bunga...er..bunga...er...ntah suka2 ja amik ne hheh....i wonder if its a flower at all..

If you're kinda wondering how i manage to get my internet connection,hhah..there it is, i break into DiGi transmitter tower and hack their system..meheh if u belive so la :P, well actually to be honest i am currently working as a part-timer watchman for DiGi tower somewhere in Telipok , coz at this time of the year is no good time for any dedicated rubber tapper, since its fall season for the trees and thus reducing our monthly income...well its decent pay here and whts more i can surf internet all day...without lacking of connectivity since its Digi Tower man!!! hhahha...(errr..and ican still rubbertap in the morning since its only 15 min from my house hheh)

close up ...err..i got story to share with you ppl hheh..back then when i was just started working here, im surfing the net with my laptop inside my car..so there's a passers by and ask me if i were the engineer doing some repairing there...i said "no..im a watchman lah.." that man walk away smiling said "buli tahan...", what?? a watchman cannot have laptop and cars kah? and by the way im also a rubber tapper and a farmer lah...i can afford lah...hhehe..

and if u know me...heh..i always got puppy pets..this one with attitude hheh...no smoking my friend...look at your 'beer belly' hhehe i named it 'si Garut'..well i have another 2 puppy, 1 kitten here, but i haven't got their pic yet..nantila..they all cute and adorable

mmm...i guess i better cook now, im starving oredi, but if possible i will always update this blog from now on..since, being a watchman i dun really have anything to do than to watch...err...i.e watching tv..passers by girls, hhehe...


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